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  1. Hi There, I tested this with original file. Image size on click is fine but display of fancy box is not as it was displaying earlier with swing. Image is expanded on the same position Thanks, Kiran
  2. No i am not using any tool. I am integrating Fancy popup in already customized product info file. Let me test with original. May be i am getting wrong in implemeting it in product info Thanks Kiran
  3. Hi there, I am using Multi Image add-on with Fancy Box popups on one of OSC site. I am getting problem in Fancybox popup image display in IE. Its stretched but in mozzila its appearing fine. I am unable to sort out the problem. please check at following URL http://www.stopstaring.com.au/product_info...1/products_id/8 Looking for some help in sorting out this problem. Thanks Much! Kiran