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  1. xaglo

    edit orders

    great for you perry... but it's not ok for me. I think i used also the last version 1.5 but perhaps not... this contribution is not very clean with all the updates :rolleyes: I will look for carefully I found a issue, not very clean for the code but it works: you only have to desactivate the line 58 (in my version) // $OldNewStatusValues = (tep_field_exists(TABLE_ORDERS_STATUS_HISTORY, "old_value") && tep_field_exists(TABLE_ORDERS_STATUS_HISTORY, "new_value")); this version of "Status History" table is older than the MS1 and it looks to be the raison for the problem I will try to propose a version cleaned later but this simply changed works
  2. xaglo

    edit orders

    a other long post is about Edit Orders http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=54032 sorry to didn't found it before. The problems looks to be known but it doesn't look to exist a issue.
  3. xaglo

    edit orders

    i think that Perry van Dam is true, there is a little problem with this contribution: if you update a order without changing the status, it can become blank and dissapeared from the order list: try to update without any change... it will dissapeared. You can recover your order with the number tip in the feald on the top right of the order_list, edit it and change the status I will try to find a issue, but if somebody knows, it woud be great sorry for my bad english :*>
  4. xaglo

    Recover Cart Sales

    Thanks for this contribution :) I make few changes -Fixed installation instructions for MS1 -Removed a duplicated and not necessary file present in the zip -Added french language hope it helps and sorry for varnco, I didn't see his post before for the changes instructions for MS1 :unsure: I also found a file in a bad directory files_to_install/admin/includes/recover_cart_sales.php v1.4. I replaced the file files_to_install/admin/recover_cart_sales.php v1.36 whith it
  5. but i ask one more time why this contribution has been post as a original one... it's only a making with two originals contributions existing. Is it only to propose a paypal donation?? :? Can a moderator explain us if it's a normal practice :?
  6. you can put the variable in session if you prefer (don't forget to delete it after in the process) but i don't think it's a security issue, you can only see YOURS order... try to put a order number you're not agree to see... you will get only your account history :P ;)
  7. hello, i don't undestand why did you post a new contribution and not at the following of this one http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,937