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    Service for 2Checkout sellers

    Good day forum members! We represent a company HelpToSell.net We offer free advertising of your products in our system: - system is designed to increase sales for 2Checkout sellers. - system is built on the principle of free exchange advertising ads between system members. - you place on your site foreign ad – instead of other members will run yours advertising ads. - if client buying someone's product on your site – you will get a commission. - if your product will be sold through foreign site – you have to pay commission to the seller (commission rate setting on your 2Checkout account). Our system is completely free and does not interfere in mutual settlements with 2Checkout.com. Advertising example you can find on the site of our system member: http://movietoolbox.com/photo-gallery.html Register on our site www.HelpToSell.net For all new members we provide 500 FREE shows. System works in such a way : 1.You are seller, using 2Checkout.com as a billing system and you are a member of affiliate program. You have a particular affiliate commission, what you agree to pay if your products will be sold by another affiliate program member. You want to increase your sales in that affiliate program, but you don’t want to pay money for it . 2.You registering at www.HelpToSell.net and place your Ad . In that Ad you specify a link to your site , link to the 2CO shopping cart with your product ( this an open affiliate link) 3.You place on your site a text block ads of other members HelpToSell.net , pre-selecting the format of the ads and the type (profile) shows ads. Showing the ads of other members you earn Impressions for your advertisement. The principle of a banner network: you are displaying ads , but for this show your ads. 4.Given that we are attached to affiliate program 2Checkout , when buying from the ads, you get a commission from sales as affiliate, if sale comes from your site. Commission you receive from affiliate program 2CO. 5.Thus, besides increasing their sales through the exchange of text advertising, you earn commission on the sale of foreign goods through its website, according to the affiliate program 2CO. You should understand, that our system does not interfere with the 2CO payment system . We do not charge a fee for ads. The system is based solely on the principle of exchange of text ads linked to open links Affiliate program 2CO. As a result , you increase your direct sales through direct advertising and increase your profits through sales of partner products on your website , as well as stimulate the development of the affiliate program 2Checkout.com , which will cause an influx a new members and increase the turnover of entire system. Best regards, HelpToSell support