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  1. My version is Ultimate SEO URLs 2.8. I fixed cyrillic issue using part of old version of seo.class.php for converting cyrillic symbols to latin. but still getting 404 and stuck with it ... any other clues /i checked mod_rewrite, .htaccess, RewriteBase and all seems ok/. What is next. Please help ....
  2. ello, Any clue how to add cyrillic support ? I got something like this when I enable ultimate seo url /ÑÂърòърø-c-38.html Also I got 404 error - I had mod_rewrite, my path for RewriteBase is correct in my .htaccess, all links are look correct - /productname-c-38.html But when I click there i got 404 not found. Any ideas how to fix cyrillic issue and 404 will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. ivo p.s I use utf8 encoding in DB