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  1. Hi,


    I`m trying to get USU 5 working on my new host. I really want to get it working in the rewrite mode.


    Because i haven`t reset the hostname to the new server i cant test it properly, so maybe that is the problem. Currently i can only view pages in https mode, and i think USU 5 won't work this way. But i just wanted to be sure, so here i am asking you ;-)


    Link to the test site: https://wwwl1001.evo.ams.nl.leaseweb.com:8443/sitepreview/http/horsewellness.nl/HWnew/


    Standard mode won`t work either. But gives a custom USU error page, so you will know why i guess...


    Thank in advance for your help!

  2. Please post a link to your live or test websites so i can get an impression on how this works.


    I`m working on a comparison function for my website myself. currently only added a lot of column in the products table, and modified catergories.php in admin, to store the specs in database.

    I guess this contribution can help me with this, maybe even use this completely instead of my own rewriting...

  3. No, the code in admin won't affect the shop side. My guess is that it is the Header Tags code in application_top. If you haven't setup Header Tags correctly, you may get an error like this. Be sure to go into page control for articles and add title and meta tag information.


    Found the problem. This contribution user a header tags table, which i do not have in my database. So therefor i commented a few lines in the application_top.php. It fixed it by commenting the whole function. I will use the KISS header tag contri that FWRmedia is currently working on, he will add support for a number of contrinutions, including article manager... :)

  4. It still returns the same error, pretty weird...


    I've searched all the files for the mysql_num_rows function. The xsell file is the only place where it's used. So your 'fix' should at least hide the problem, like you said.


    probably some other place where tep_db_num_rows is used creates the error?


    maybe Line 256: in admin\includes\functions\articles.php "if (tep_db_num_rows($childs_query)) { " ??

  5. Hi, I have an error (mysql warning) on the article_info.php page. (and also article_reviews_write.php)


    Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/pollux/WWW/horsewellness/includes/functions/database.php on line 103


    Anyone who knows how to fix this?


    the code from database.php around line 103 is:

    function tep_db_num_rows($db_query) {

    return mysql_num_rows($db_query);


  6. Odd .. that description has multiple spaces in it .. they should have been stripped to single spaces.


    Re: The numbers it wouldn't be correct for the description to be stripped of numbers, the most important aspect is to ensure that the first 156 - 161 characters contain the main keywords and an attractive description for SE displayed results.


    Maybe because of the table? http://www.horsewellness.nl/product_info.php/gistcultuur-p-314

  7. The numbers only occur in the description...


    <meta name="description" content="Gistcultuur, pot, Ondersteunende supplementen, Paardenvoer-by St-Hippolyt. Hefekultur Levende gist culturen gecombineerd met hoog bio beschikbare sporenelementen leveren natuurlijke B- vitaminen, zoals voedingsstoffen ter ondersteuning van de dikke darmflora en voor de opbouw van een gezonde darmslijmvlies. Zo kan het hele voederrantsoen optimaal worden benut.     Samenstelling   Bijkomend voormengsel Yea- Sacc 1026, Biergist, Lijnzaad fijn gemalen, Lijn- zonnebloemoliemengsel,   Druivenpitextract, Kruiden Gember, Anijs, Venkel , Magnesiumfumaraat, Gerstentopjes      Inhoudsstoffen en verteerbaarheid   Ruwe proteïne   Ruwe vezels   Ruw vet   Ruwe as         14,0   2,8   9,0   6,8   Hoeveelheidselementen   Calcium   Fosfor   Magnesium   Natrium   Kalium         0,20   0,40   0,35   0,10   0,90       Andere   Saccharomyces cerevisiae 1026     Wateroplosbare vitamines per kg   Vitamine B1   Vitamine B2   Vitamine B6   Biotine   Nicotinezuur Foliumzuur Calcium-pantothenaat Cholinchloride     130 mg   85 mg   70 mg   2.000 mcg   320 mg   8 mg   70 mg   2.500 mg      Sporenelementen per kg   IJzer   Zink   Mangaan   Koper       500 mg   100 mg   50 mg   42 mg       Kobalt   Seleen     100 mg   0,05 mg      De sporenelementen zijn ook aanwezig in   organische complexe verbindingen.      Aanbevolen voedering   ca. 30 g voor grote paarden dag, bij kleine paarden de hoeveelheid dienovereenkomstig aanpassen.." /> 
    <meta name="keywords" content="gistcultuur,pot,ondersteunende,supplementen,paardenvoer-by,st-hippolyt,hefekultur,levende,gist,culturen,gecombineerd,bio,beschikbare,sporenelementen,leveren,natuurlijke,b-,vitaminen,zoals,voedingsstoffen,ter,ondersteuning,dikke,darmflora,en,opbouw,gezonde,darmslijmvlies,zo,kan,hele,voederrantsoen,optimaal,worden,benut,samenstelling,bijkomend,voormengsel,yea-,sacc,biergist,lijnzaad,fijn,gemalen,lijn-,zonnebloemoliemengsel,druivenpitextract,kruiden,gember,anijs,venkel,magnesiumfumaraat,gerstentopjes,inhoudsstoffen,verteerbaarheid,ruwe,proteïne,vezels,ruw,vet, ,hoeveelheidselementen,calcium,fosfor,magnesium,natrium,kalium,andere,saccharomyces,cerevisiae,wateroplosbare,vitamines,vitamine,b1,b2,b6,biotine,nicotinezuur,foliumzuur,calcium-pantothenaat,cholinchloride,mcg,ijzer,zink,mangaan,koper,kobalt,seleen,zijn,aanwezig,organische,complexe,verbindingen,aanbevolen,voedering,grote,paarden,dag,kleine,hoeveelheid,dienovereenkomstig,aanpassen" />

  8. Ok thanks! You`re right about the PHP_SELF usage, maybe I`ll change to another dynamic meta tag contri.


    Weird thing is that sometimes everthing works fine on Chrome, but sometimes it doesn`t...


    The site is not on a windows server, but the rewrite option didn`t work. The server is not mine, and isn`t a standard host server, but one i share with friends. So maybe server settings are the problem, but i cannot change them.


    About the short words filter... I`ve never set it to 3, only tried 1 and 2. Also reset the cache, but it isn`t that big of a problem. It's still a great contribution ;-).

  9. Hi,


    yesterday I installed this contri. All seemed to work fine.


    Today I noticed it won`t work on Google Chrome. It just keeps loading, productinfo pages never show. If i turn USU off, pages show again.


    Works fine in IE 8 and Firefox 3.5.3 though.


    Already tried clearing all the cache and deleting Chrome cache.

    Any ideas?


    site www.horsewellness.nl


    edit: works on my laptop with windows XP and just installed Chrome.

    I use windows 7 on my desktop, maybe that's the problem. But i still don`t have a clue why...