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    roopak got a reaction from ale_g in [Contribution] OPI: OsC Product Image Module   
    I tried to do install manually because I have some other modules already installed on categories.php file. I have updated all files that needs to be.
    When I do edit or create any product & click on upload image popup comes but it always showing progress loader bar nothing else. I am testing in Firefox Browser (6.0.2).
    I read your earlier posts in this thread & I cross checked about the rewrite mod in ini file it also working fine.
    At the very first when I try to edit the product , that product image is being copied to _thumbnail_/adminpreview & adminthumb. & I tries to delete that image its shows image is deleted, but after saving it. Still image is in that folder.
    & When I came back to edit the product its does not showing images but it shows the box of the image. In which path is :
    So I think I missed some configuration kindly help me out.
    One more point I want ask is why its copied only image of one product not all product in _thumbnail_.
    Thanks & regards,
    ROopak Jha