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  1. Jon86

    Accessibility issues

    The thing is screen readers are just that. They are only supposed to read and try and make sense of what is in a page or document. In my opinion work should be done to develop a screen reader that can detect events! If you had a standard defined for screen reader events then it would be easier to support them better.
  2. Jon86

    Accessibility issues

    If you compare version 2 with version 3 (currently being developed) you will see a massive difference that will help towards the accessibility of the software. This is because the web interface adherers to web standards and uses CSS to structure the layout and appearance of pages. When you separate content from design (using CSS) the HTML required on each page is reduced and is much cleaner. This makes it easier for screen readers and other devices to process.
  3. Is their anywhere that gives a short description of each function for the core classes used with version3. Full descriptions with requirements and dependencies (if any) would be good. But a short 1/2 line description for each would help.
  4. Jon86

    How long until v3 is ready?

    Theirs nothing stopping people from actually helping out to speed things along. I know the version Mark is working on that I have forked has had a lot of work on in the admin area (probably by mark) and its a great improvement that what you would get if you just download the latest alpha release. The only thing I would say here is I think Harold should merge some of the recent changes so we can all take a fresh fork so we are all using the same patches and not overwriting stuff people has already done.
  5. Jon86

    Session data

    Nevermind I figured it out! If you simply add "&osCsid=$_GET['osCsid']" to the end of the return URL then it will return you to the site and your session data is restored. I thought I could get the session ID from $_SESSION['osCsid'] when you print_r($_SESSION) it is their but it doesn't return anything when you echo the variable directly. But I can access it from $_GET so its all good :)
  6. Jon86

    Session data

    I'm currently integrating paypal express checkout! However when I redirect the user to paypals site for them to login and then when paypal redirects them back to mine. The session data is gone! Ok thats normal enough. I was wondering though, if I associated the session ID with the unique paypal token that gets generated. Would it be possible to use those values to retrieve session data? All I really need is the order information as that's what's lost. The rest I query using the paypal API. Has osCommerse got any security measures that would prevent this? I haven't had time to trace through the session management class etc to see how it works. I'm only looking for a push in the right direction, but detailed answers are always welcome.
  7. Thats what I have been trying to do, but its not straightforward to follow. I guess I will just have to put trace messages in the template files for the checkout and see what appears when. I really need to find some kind of call graph program for PHP!
  8. Dose anyone know where (or even if) this is documented anywhere? I am interested in implementing my own 'purchase without an account' mod. But before diving into it, it would be useful to know what files are involved when you are checking out, what order they are called in etc. More importantly dependencies. I'm planning to make the simplest checkout possible and then have the system email the customer their account details after it send out the receipt email.
  9. Jon86

    Working with Github

    Yeah I have kept to your coding standards so its consistent when you read it for the few minor fixes I've been working on. When opening a new issue for a feature will I use the issue tracker you linked to their and simply ignore this one http://github.com/osCommerce/oscommerce/issues
  10. Jon86

    Working with Github

    Actually are we now tracking issues using github? I noticed their are two issues listed on github so has everything moved over to their now?
  11. Hello people, I'm just getting the hang of Github! But before I start making changes and pushing them back into the repository I have a simple question. If I was working on something that needed user interaction. Say I was working on the admin categories section and I wanted to add a button that allowed you to delete an image if one had been uploaded for that category. Would people prefer if I got the code working using a crappy looking button and then simply came back later and made any buttons and other interface elements look nice later? It is the way I normally work. First get the code working and then go back and clean up the interface. But if people want me to do everything before I push something back into the repository I will do that instead. Also is their anywhere on Github that lists what people are working on? I know we have the issue tracker but that's not linked to our Github accounts.
  12. Jon86

    Microformats hproduct and hcard

    I am still learning the code and how the program works (how pages are generated and how all the components come together etc) and have a few other priorities at work so I can't dedicate as much time as I want to. But I will defiantly look into this as SEO seems to be all the rage these days. I should be able to dedicate more time to osCommerce in a few weeks!
  13. Thats perfect, exactly what I was looking for, cheers acidvertigo
  14. Is their a way to checkout a complete build from the repository so I don't see the bugs that have already been sorted? The bugs I have spotted so far have already been reported. Or will I have to download a fresh copy of Alpha5 and update the files manually? Is their any way I can be assigned to existing issues as I have created an account for myself and noticed theirs quite a backlog... Let me know.
  15. I'm still reading through/learning the code, classes, frameworks thats been developed. Could do with a bit more documentation, but what's their now on the template system for example is easy to follow. Cheers for the extra info sparky.