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    Multi-Site, Multi-Store e-commerce option

    Hi, I have an oscommerce multi store, i built myself www.thefruitman.co.uk - It's one store with many sellers , who all have their own admin login. The way I've set it up is geographical, so each stores customers only see the products of the store owner who 'owns' the customers postcode/ zipcode . The store owners just have to keep their produce up to date take the orders and deliver the goods. I just take a percentage from each order . Like yourself I spent ages trying to look for this in opensource but couldn't find anything so decided I'd have to learn php, html, sql and build it myself. I also got some professional quotes which were all £3,0000 + It's probably slightly different from what you're looking for (i.e customer by postcode) but can be ammended to suit your needs. If you're interested get in touch and we can dsicuss further.