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    Paypal Express Missing Address Line

    Hi Guys, This is my first post so please be gentle. I have searched the forums about this but I have had no look in finding an answer -- so here goes. I have just installed the PayPal Express Checkout V1.0. on osCommerce v2.2rc2 I have created a sandbox Merchant account with Paypal to get my API username, API password and API signature. I have gone to my website and put an item into my basket. I have clicked on the PayPal Buy now button and (after creating a dummy account on my website) I have been taken to the PayPal website. Now (as a customer not having an existing PayPal account) I enter a name, address (filling in both Address Line 1 and Address Line 2) and credit card information. I then click the 'continue' button and I get returned to my checkout_confirmation.php page. On the confirmation page it displays the Delivery Address and the Billing Address, but the information from Address Line 2 is missing. WHERE HAS IT GONE? I have previously added the contribution (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1855 for a second address line (because they're useful !) but I don't think that has any effect on this problem. I have looked at the file in /osCommerce/ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php where it handles the response from PayPal where around line 107 it has the following code: $sendto = array('firstname' => substr($response_array['SHIPTONAME'], 0, strpos($response_array['SHIPTONAME'], ' ')), 'lastname' => substr($response_array['SHIPTONAME'], strpos($response_array['SHIPTONAME'], ' ')+1), 'company' => '', 'street_address' => $response_array['SHIPTOSTREET'], 'suburb' => '', 'postcode' => $response_array['SHIPTOZIP'], 'city' => $response_array['SHIPTOCITY'], etc etc My thoughts were from looking at the above code is that PayPal is not returning the Second Line of the Address. Now as I have the 'Second Address Line' Mod I thought I could hack this code a little to confirm that this code is doing what I thought it was, so I added 'street_address_2' => 'hacked second line', and sure enough, the address shown on the checkout_confirmation page displays the string 'hacked second line' as the second line of the address. Also when I go to the admin pages I can see this 'hacked second line' is displayed in the customers delivery and billing addresses, just as I expected. So to me it appears that PayPal is just NOT sending the second line of the address back. SO IT's QUESTION TIME I assume lots of you are using PayPal and some of you have tested it using a 2nd Address Line. So what were your results? Did your 2nd Address Line get displayed on the checkout_confirmation page or was it missing? Also does the 2nd Address Line show up on your admin pages? I can only hope that I have broken something with my '2nd Address Line mods', but I really suspect this is a PayPal issue. Does anybody know where I can find details about how PayPal puts the address together and posts it back to my website. I have already looked around the PayPal developers website but it's a complete mess and extremely hard to find any useful info so a direct link would be very useful (to me and everybody else who's reading this!). So let the responses flood in, (Thanks Dave)
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    Paypal Express Missing Address Line

    Hi pchem, A quick answer to your question is NO, I did not get the 2nd Address Line working. You mention that Paypal suggest that a 2nd Address Line is not required. I agree if your address doesn't have a 2nd Address Line, but you most certainly need it if your address DOES have a second address line. As I live in the UK, I use the 2nd address line quite a lot. If you live in a block of flats or in a village, then you most definitely need it. Anyway that's not really the point. What is the point, is that if you have an option to put data into the 2nd Address Line field within the Paypal page, it should most certainly be present when you are returned to the website. Any loss of information is NOT ACCEPTABLE. This is my first attempt at trying to put an eCommerce website together. My initial thoughts were that osCommerce was all of the answers that I was looking for, but now I have my (very serious) doubts. I do have (very) high standards and my aim was to create a beautiful and easy to navigate website (surely the same for everybody else!), so I have spent nearly 3 months heavily customising my website. During that time I have concluded that the basic functionality provided by the original installation is really quite poor, and much of my time has been spent simply trying to make the website 'acceptable' to my customers by adding contribution after contribution to fix very basic problems like missing back buttons, bad grammar, complicated checkout process, poor file structure and poor layout. I now also have problems with Google Checkout. On return from Google Checkout, a customer who wasn't logged into my site (before they went to Google Checkout), is logged in, but the personal information pages (i.e. delivery address, billing address, order history) are just blank. I know the problem is with the response handler code but I simply can't afford to spend any more time fixing something else. I am in a situation where I don't know if the Community contributions that I have added to my website are causing problems with other contributions. I don't know if the addition of any contributions in the future will break what I already have and I have very serious concerns about the upgrade path. I have concluded that what I do need is something that'll work out of the box and any changes that I have to make are purely for aesthetical reasons so I have just started looking at other solutions -- and just found one, which seems to be much better -- can't Mention the nAme here thouGh becusE I doN'T think that wOuld be fair! Dave
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    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    I might as well reply to myslelf, since I've found out the answer (or some of it!). The magic code is in responsehandler.php in the googlecheckout directory. It does lots of clever things like check to see if the customer was logged into the site before going to GC. If a customer is logged in and their info (email address and delivery address) matches up with GC's version, then GC updates the personal information (+order history) pages on my website quite happily. What STILL doesn't work though is when a customer uses a different email/delivery address. When this happens GC creates a new account on my website and stores the information in there. When this happens, as soon as the user is returned to my site, they are logged in, but the personal information is not there. If they log out and log back in again (with the password that has been sent to them -- when the order state changes to Google Processing), they can finally see all of their personal information. I STILL need to find out why a customer cannot see his personal info when being returned to the site. DOES anybody else have any clues. IF SO PLEASE HELP ME. PLEEEASSSSEE Dave everyemail addresses, delivery addresses of who was logged into the site before go
  4. davidrecord

    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    Customer magically 'logged in' on return from Google Checkout If a customer who has not logged into my site puts some items in the basket and then does a Google Checkout, they are taken to the Google checkout pages as expected (currently using sandbox for testing). After they have finished entering their data, they are returned back to my site to gc_return.php. Here it gives them the notification of the product they have just bought, all as expected. However, I have just noticed that now the customer has the 'logged in' status, and they have the ability to go and look at their account, previous orders, addresses etc. all of which are blank. Has anybody else experienced this, and do you know of a fix? Thanks in advance, Dave