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    Mail Manager

    what a great contrib! gratulation! that's a really usefull and great made thing. i have some questions/problem: (excuse my english) i know, there was some talking about placeholders. i would like to begin all response mails with names like "Hello Peter Smith". but in order-confirm and status-update mail, i couldn't. who knows how i can do that? is there a possibility to write html emails to single customers (send email) only by typing words without html coding? when i change writing on a new line, it will be ignored when the mail is sended. or is there a wysiwyg editor for input fields? allwas write html codes for personal mails is to much work... if i would integrate the xsell contrib. where and how can i integrate the recommendet things and the asking for comments? in all mails? bulkmail? order confirm? thank you for answering my questions!
  2. jutee

    Products Cycle Slideshow

    great contrib!!! i will no more force my best selling product, because it's too old. but i will still have it in shop. is there a possibility to not show it on bestsellers? mean, to comment out a product for this contribution? thx for answering
  3. jutee

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    I created some pages by my own. they are not shown in the sitemappages. what did I wrong? Is there a place to add it manually? Thanks for answering!
  4. jutee

    paypal ipn and ccgv

    does it work? i have installed it, but no changes. coupons aren't subtracted. any idea? witch version of ccgv do you use? thank you for help
  5. hello (excuse my english) excuse me, I have a often discussed problem. but most articles are to old or useless. 1. when i pay with paypal-ipn, the discount-coupon isn't substrahed from users ccgv-money. ex: shippingcart: 3$, payed with ccgv-code (2$) an paypal (1$). after checkout_success.php user has still 2$ in his ccgv-account. why it is correcly subtrahed by paypal, but not by checkout? in the install is written, that i have to modify the payment-site. (paypal_ipn, i think) with witch code i have to modify it? 2. when a user pays all with the coupon, i would like to show him in my download-store the download-link direkly in the checkout_success.php (like payed in paypal). but it not work. i think i should deffine the order-status. like "when order sum = 0, then order status = payed. how do i do that? or is there a other possibility? i think, this are must-be-funktions and are used in many shops. how do you have done it? pleas help me! thank you verry much. jutee