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  1. Upgrade, or change cart?

    Yes, I noted this, I mean, to try to find the best addoms in the top of the page. When you chose 'By relevance' the things become strange... But it seems that nobody here have the privileges to 'edit' the oscommerce.com site. May be HPDL is the only with the ftp account to do changes. If I'm wrong, I would like to suggest: - Button in the top of the index with this link: https://github.com/gburton/osCommerce-234-bootstrap/archive/master.zip - Dropdown with '2.3.4.BS' addoms, please - The staticstics are gone from the new re-design. I vote to re-enter the more downloaded addoms in the last week, month, year. No bulletproof, but can help when try to chose the 'right' addom, best than spend all the evening downloading, seeing code and/or installing, don't work, ah, my mistake, again, no, don't work, goin to the forun, read 124 pages, unninstall, forgot to delete files.... Well the hystory of every day... osCom is almost 18 years old. Is a "joung" woman that needs go out from their parent's house and see the world. We, as their brothers, cousins, friends or acquaintances (depending of the hard work spend here) need to care of her, ask if she need something and (at least in this moment where their parents are missing) take the responsibility about their development, get new pretty dresses (templates), a new wonder-bra (with good code) and beauty creams (refine/change code). The prettier, more boyfriends at the door (coders that want to code osC and/or shopowners that like take a try with this piece of code). Well a pompous version of what 'open source' should be... ... IF NOT... We, the ones that we like, goto to Island of the Turtle to drink, to fight and to think about what new galley to attack...
  2. Upgrade, or change cart?

    even if the author wants.. ?
  3. Upgrade, or change cart?

    By the way, I think that is NOT possible / legal, translate a contribution from osC to theprommisedcontribuionrepository.org, right ?
  4. Upgrade, or change cart?

    The issue here is not the number or if they are properly written (specially is there are no place where you can find the 'keys' how to programing). I think that the problem is that you need be a ninja or be lucky when find your right contribution/app. I noted previously... You need an extra work searching for forums and may be you will find no the good goal. I saw that some contributions have issues, that someone writes in a post a solution, but it's not translated to the download page... Some of GOOD coders make 'contributions' (not only experiments) in github (some very interesting) but they are lost unless you read almost all the post here... What about 'partials' updates? I know that is a personal feeling but I HATE when someone upload a file that solves an issue (not the full pack), latter other that add another file, a third that amend the first one (not full pack)... Almost nobody may know if all the improvements may crash the contribution or not... Every one of us have different technical background, some are only shopowners, others only coder, the majority a mix in different proportions of code/shop. One can help to the community making an humble and rudimentary F.A.Q. that work. Ok, you need edit a php file every time you need to change something in the language (well the same for the REST ot the language definitions...), another can do more complex apps that allow editon in php files or others making a marketplace in a week. We need ALL of these people trying to keep this alive! (please read this with the music attached) Anyway, after this patriotic soflama, may be it should be a good idea if we create a kind of help with the contributions. May be a github listing the ones that work with 2.2(frankensteiners), 2.3, 2.3BS, 2.4... 3.0 Someone push a conmit, then the contribution (with link both to apps page / forum) is added to the list. If someone found that 'dont work', another push asking for bug. If someone found that works in this version, push a conmit saying that works. * My Beautifull F.A.Q. - for 2.3BS - last updated 5-5-18 - 100% of the 10 users says that it works! * Login with Netscape - for 2.4 - last updated 7-5-45 - 10% of the 100 users says that is works! Github, a public spreadsheet in google docs... a way to see and check.. Latter, if it is possible a post sticked somewhere in the forum with the link and telling to ALL the people the procedure for publish, vote, search, etc... Yes, I KNOW, may be a lot of work...
  5. Dear Phil:

    Sorry for disturb you.

    I send to you this private communication because of the nature of the subject and because it seems that I think that 'you are the boss' in this field.

    I would like to ask you if you know that someone worked in a (may be a false news, I don't know) in a possible 'security breach' in osCom (dated 20 April) ?

    Please see here, in the 'Harald Ponce de Leon's file':


    As Harald seems to be absent from 14 Feb.... :wacko:

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    2. Antonio Garcia

      Antonio Garcia

      WTF!!! :wacko:

      Forgive me, you and the rest of  the "scrutinizing eyes".

      May be my mistake is not a mistake at all!!!

      (Now, I will send to you, in a private msg, the race predictions of next week...)

      All the best.


    3. MrPhil


      My race predictions: a black man moving into his new apartment will be arrested on suspicion of burglary. Two Native American students on a college tour will be arrested for not being in their place. A black Yale student will be arrested napping in the common area of her dorm. :( Oh, you wanted next week's! That was last week's.

    4. Antonio Garcia

      Antonio Garcia

      image.png.e057d6c8e56eb989f6799576bfe08260.pngIt's possible that next week you will meet in the corridor of your house with a nice jew with a dark hat selling ice cream. Remember to carry loose money...

  6. Upgrade, or change cart?

    The point of view of one of the partners about this subject: http://www.ozeworks.com/oscommerce-then-and-now/
  7. Upgrade, or change cart?

    Ah!, ...ok, ...I understand! I will do!
  8. Upgrade, or change cart?

    100% agree with you. The form must try to show the 'best' ones (may be yesterday someone upload a crap contribution but 8 days ago raiwa did another bether one but his contribution is not in a prominent place, in the top of the page...). https://apps.oscommerce.com/q=modular When https://apps.oscommerce.com shows a list by 'Relevancy' it points to a wrong result. I think.
  9. Upgrade, or change cart?

    Burt (or the ones that can, if possible): I see in: https://apps.oscommerce.com/ When I go to: https://apps.oscommerce.com/c=languages The results are sorted by date (descending), but when I search: https://apps.oscommerce.com/q=spanish The results are showed in a random (?) or at least not in descending date. Same when I'm loking for idiots or smarts: https://apps.oscommerce.com/Profile&19108-demitry It's there a way that someone will change a little the queries to avoid a lot of headache both for users and later, in the forum, for the suffered volunteers, when the users ask for help about contributions or outdated or wrongly chosen? I'm not familiar with 3.X. I think that the 3.X-web-oscommerce-site is in github. If you think that is a good idea I would like to try to find where you can change the queries to solve this issue (feature?)
  10. Upgrade, or change cart?

    14steve14 & Stephan Gebbers: Only an example: How many times you, with your invaluable / infinite patience, are replied A MILLION of times the SAME question? Are wrong the problems that I listed here or it's wrong that someone like me listed them? My point of view is that the important thing is the Problem not the person that says that "here we have a problem". By the way, you are doing an incalculable contribution in the osC enviroment, of course but unfortunately I think that your help/dedication CAN'T help in the issues that I told. By the way, may I tell that, for example, Tesla has "theirs" problems ? I talking about someone that have not driving license...
  11. Upgrade, or change cart?

    Well, don't need to you read it. This post is to talk about the disjunctive of change or update, not to claim me anything or claim to YOU anything. I don't point to you as a 'responsable' or this mess. I explained my history (same as Stephan Gebbers) and noted my personal explanation. May be I'm wrong. Nobody from firefox or ubuntu or worldpress ask me why don't help to others. Burt, yes I thinking it at.... and I told what I think. No try to make ofense to anybody.
  12. Upgrade, or change cart?

    All my respect for your decision.
  13. Upgrade, or change cart?

    Sorry, I don't use 2.3.4BS, but it does not matter, I think. Burt, I need to try AGAIN telling you that you did a good work doing 2.3.4BS??? if you did mainly for YOUR customers, perfect! if you shared to the rest of the word, perfect! but may you explain me if it's a good praxis that A TEAM MEMBER creates an .sql script to update 2.3.4 to 2.3.4BS that are in a obscure link OUTSIDE osCom?1? do you think that is a good praxis that the version that we SHOULD use is almost hidden but the 'official' (not recommended to be used) are for download here?!? Is just? smart? It help to new users? ... and for the old users, as me, as Stephan Gebbers? Well, Stephan explain why TODAY he can't run the 2.3.4BS. May be is his fault (or my fault) and is not related that a 'single' update for him means a lot of work or a lot of doubts. ... more work that if he goes to woocommerce & installs a import pluging from osc => woocommerce. So, WHY we stay here?!? Well, I saw 'my history' in the one that Stephan Gebbers told. I only try explain that I thinking in a split from osCom.... but I stay here (yes, as a grumpy old man).
  14. Upgrade, or change cart?

    https://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/375773-so-what-happend-to-oscom-3/ Posted May 29, 2011 "From April we are going to: Be active in the community to help developers understand the framework and store owners its user features Update remaining Applications and Modules that were not finalized for the v3.0 release Provide a database import tool for existing v2.2RC2, v2.3.1 and v3.0A5 users Start a localization site for translators to use and build language translation packages Document v3.0 framework and user features Finalize MS SQL Server database abstraction queries Extend the CoreUpdate Application to also support installed Add-Ons Allow Phar packaged Add-Ons to be tested without the need to install them first Continually improve existing features and introduce exciting new features" The text is NOT mine. I only cup & paste...
  15. Upgrade, or change cart?

    YES!!! 100% agree with you. It's time to beg your pardon! I'm a little idiot when I says this and in the same time saying : The gap from 2.2ms => 3.0 was huge. If nobody try to create a bridge from one to other, the people can go from 2.2 to 3.0, etc. Same from 2.2 => 2.3.X or 2.3 => 2.4. 2.4 break compatibility of 2.3 contributions? If yes, why create small new versions that nobody can use easily? People complains with the new versions, why? No easy way to update. The goal is coding or create a tool for people (that may be can pay for it or not)? Firefox, wordpress, windows, ubuntu, ..... all you can install and later make an update with no worries about js, ftp, IDE, etc. Firefox, wordpress, windows, ubuntu, ..... same for add 'features'. Can you imagine edit the register in windows manually when you install openOfice? Why we can't do the same here? I try to find an explanation: we are geeks that 'like' to code. The mayority of possible customers don't think the same. osC was the first ecommerce cart, free, with promissing future. Later others start behind osCom... but this is not the same that Achilles and the turtle... May be we only must accept this and not ask for things that osC never did and may be never will do. For this and others considerations, I think, we are here asking here if update (not easy for everione) or change of cart, right?
  16. Upgrade, or change cart?

    First to all I DON'T want to create a kind of war "coders - shopowners", ... you (from my point of view) are not 'staff' as the rest of Team group (I don't want that someone from Team group be offended for my angry coments) ... and I only try to give you my personal feelings. May be today I see al grey... sorry for that! I try to recapitulate the complains that I read in the forum from the past (mainly I agree with it): - osCom 3 0 => almost done, not complete. A lot of work by coders made with no reward to him. This code is dead from years... ... & no interest from shop-owners because they don't know how upgrade and don't know if it works well. So I see that there are 'code for fun' (good, of course!). The time tell that almost nobody use it (a better code, but...). It seems as someone made a spaceship without ladder... - osCom 2.4 => first attemp, later abandoned, latter again coding... but also people tell that's it's incomplete (burt ask for your 'products class', and another talk that attributes is not finished). Of course, NO compatibility with previous versions, no clear way to update. How many contributions are made for 2.4??? It seems that coders don't care because OR no interest for shop-owners (2.4 is good, the 'future', no?) OR simply don't have fun doing it. Again a beautifull castle where people outide can't enter into it. osCom 2.3.4BS => made with a lot of work / time / discussion made by some TEAM members involved (and a lot of good people, trying help) and then? This it's not in a prominent place where be easy be donwloaded. I can't add the famous 'big button' to the index.php of oscommerce.com. Only I can it put in my signature... As I said, people download a WRONG package, later problems and people like you (or some volunteers, thanks BrockleyJohn & others) need to remain a million of times that the 'official' was good some years ago but today is not the right version. Do you think that 'The staff' respect the work made by burt, you and a few more people (both of you from Team group)? Can you imagine the 'current' version of woocommerce only available in the signature of some users? Can you find (good/comprensible) documentation about 3.0, 2.4 or even 2.3 series here? Do you think that, if there are almos NO information how oscommerce works is because shop-owners don't need or may be because after 'complete' the code, "there is no need to create a documentation" that explain the changes? Even new coders need it. A place where see it whitout the obligation to be a kind of ninja searching for forums or criptic links in oscommerce... The problem is Halard? It seems that he left us Valentine's Day... With no promise about 'resurection' or return for the 'end of times'... He asked for "osCommerce Ambassador for life", a few tried to help (we 'like' oscommerce)... and then? No parties, no a single message telling that I earn a free holiday trip in Laponia, etc. I only want / hope he is well without problems. I only would like to ask Harald tell you or burt or the others, "I want let my empire to the best". If not, we will stand here (or left 'our house' for a lot of time) feelling a little confused. The problem is the Team group? Where I can find what is the coordination between team group? How many are active? Can you tell me when / how many times you meet? What was the last time? What is the matters that you agree? I know that some will be discret/secret but the rest of us are waiting for the next steep. I can see if ubuntu will do this or that, or wordpress will implement in next version X a page editor, or Magento will add in next update 1000 new php files to print a single 'Hello Word'. Where I can read something like that in oscommerce? Why not a clear roadmap? Are you agree with next Burt comment? I agree with it, but I feeel a litle disilusioned because this comment comes from the Team of this... Now, time to goto window and see the sunset...
  17. Versioning for Apps/Modules

    again my fault ( I think). The qyestion is if this new web will be MULTILANGUAGE (with nice flags or asking in a dropdown in the header for EN, DE, ES,...) or only for native English speakers? Do you think that it should be a good idea that the apps marketplate needs a place where you will explain how to zip a contribution and, a better idea, that explanation should be translated to others languages to make the thinks right and easy? I agree with you that $rojoGuardacivil is not a good code practique... at least in this kind of projects... By the way, this place will be ALSO a good (not good, I mean, FABULOUS) place where language packs will lay peacefully? As a Team member I need tell you that when I go to here: https://apps.oscommerce.com/q=spanish ...I get, in the first place, a language pack created 13 years ago (Cervantes time, I think!)
  18. Versioning for Apps/Modules

    Of course you will put a kind of info where explain how apps market work (for coders and shopowners), right? If you need / wants Spanish translations, please, let me know to help.
  19. Versioning for Apps/Modules

    clear as water... thanks for your patience!
  20. Versioning for Apps/Modules

    Sorry for my bad English. I was thinking in the coder trying to upload the file. He must tell to apps store what version try to UPload, right? Sorry again....
  21. Versioning for Apps/Modules

    A question (ironic mode): OSCOMMARKET will be in oscommarket.oscommerce.com or into a outside place? If the reply is the second one, do you think that is time, not only for this VITAL improvement of the osCom universe but also to add there a place for 'docs' where all of us try to help to making it? (May be this question must be in another tread, I don't know) By the way, good work!
  22. Versioning for Apps/Modules

    Well, I think we are talking the same, the system will ask to downloader if the .zip contains a minor, mayor, update OR the web will read a part of the .zip where coder will write that is a new (minor, mayor) update?
  23. Upgrade, or change cart?

    osCom was created for geeks to geeks. For every single change must edit core files (almost until 2.3.4.BS / 2.4 era). We, the geeks remaining here, like (suffer) doing it. One of the problems (apart of the code) is the lack of adaptation of the new trends and of course that nobody in the staff are thinking in the customers: - Lack of documentation where people can learn how osCom works. No place where (new?) coders may learn. No place where (new?) customers can do easy configurations. I cry every time I read worldpress doc's... - Foolishness because a few of you had a good work, with a lot of your time & effors a GOOD improvement in the osCom universe and it is NOT in the download page. Everyday some innocent make a WRONG download of an outdated e-cart, then asking to the forum... What a waste of time! - No official marketplace where people like burt and the few good people here, can earn a little money making free and paid contributions. - No way to create templates where 'designers' can be attracted here. - No 'magic' button (well, not so magic if ALMOST ALL of the 'competitors' have it) for installations of contributions / new core ver (but 2.4, I know). - No care about international people. A pain if you need a updates version of a language apart the English (in the past, some volunteers do it). You AGAIN need to be a guru to find in the app's page a, sure, outdated version. No way to edit a language file without the need to learn how use ftp, an IDE, care of double quotes, etc, etc). - No a smart creation of a 'business' as shoptify does (offering to the vaguest a hosting where only be concerned about the sales, not about coding, again developers can earn a little money) or at least a way to offert 'professional help' to people that wants/need to pay for it. Coders like make changes. Shopowners no. Coders make code. Shopowners try to sell with a free cart. All the software need to be updated, a lot of times may have traumatic changes that break compatibility but, seeing the gaps in 3.0 / 2.4 whit no a easy way to upgrade, I know that in osCom NO ONE of the coder side was thinking in their 'customers' when coding. The prisoner of Zenda
  24. Versioning for Apps/Modules

    I thoughts: 1.- Create a simple number of rules that every developer must follow if he wants that your zip file will work in your system (how create the zip). 2.- Te web gives you 1.0.0 at the first download, then you can change adding a trio of X.Y.Z where X.Y.Z. > x.y.z. The developers knows (we hope) if their new file is a mayor or minor update. The systems must be take care ONLY in a naturual progression of the numbers... 3.- .json is a standard way to make 'installations of soft with the minimun dependencies that need for run'. If you have a robust naming about X.Y.Z., then you can, in your php installation script check without the need of a .son file. The info may be in a .json, .ini, .text or even hardcoded in the php (installation) file. At last, if you need install another app's because your app needs it, the php script may shop the buttons to make the option of the user to download or not the others apps. I think that is not a good idea to install dependencies without inform to the user. 4.- The marketplace will have a page where people can read the rules and a BIG button where can downlodad a .zip as an example. 5.- Changelog may be added in the header of the install.php script as worldpress do or create another dir/file. At last in the end we will find a function/class that read it... We need only a convention.