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  1. Antonio Garcia

    call to new function in addon

    require('includes/application_top.php'); //<-- you need find this line and insert the code bellow // includes your function file here require('includes/module/store/st_addon.php'); Insert this code in product_info.php file...
  2. @JcMagpie Thanks for the addon and for the work fixing the bugs found! @multimixer Thanks for report the issue and take your time reading / understanding / finding bugs in the code written for others. @valquiria23 Gracias por tu amable optimismo! (Thanks to be positive, as always!) My quote: "Write code as if it were to be read by a psychopath who knows where you live ..." (Unknown for me, may be Winston Churchill, Napoleon, Einstein or may be Carl Sagan...)
  3. Harald, please, please, PLEASE, can you re-desing the addons area were we can find the following?

    • Estate the Compatibility with the osC versions?
    • Rating of the users
    • Languages availables and how can contribute to this.
    • Allow 'lite' addons of commercial ones
    • A warning with very old addons...
    • A good starting point:  https://es.wordpress.org/plugins/

    If you can't do it, please ALLOW to do it by the rest of this OPEN SOURCE comunity.


    1. valquiria23


      please Harald !!!! 😁

  4. So, if you are right, I'm happy too!!! Harald, please, please, PLEASE, can you re-desing the addons area were we can find the following? Estate the Compatibility with the osC versions? Rating of the users Languages availables and how can contribute to this. Allow 'lite' addons of commercial ones A warning with very old addons... A good starting point: https://es.wordpress.org/plugins/ If you can't do it, please ALLOW to do it by the rest of this OPEN SOURCE comunity. Thanks! (copy to HPDL by PM)
  5. Sorry if I don't understand fully. Please, I only try to understand: 1.- Are the CE compatible addons banned here? I see a lot of good, usefull, interesting ones in the addoms area being the 'blood' of this almost catatonic project. With good people trying 'go forward' this project. 2.- Doing only addons for the official is as usefull as make adons for a Spectrum... or for 2.2... 4.- You, with your HUGE work (with a few colleages) make a 'fresh' update with CE. You said in another places here, that is not official but 'allowed'. Why cut the few people that try to help with addons for 'your' CE version? If someone delete the addons for CE may be he will be correct in the terms but also it will killing the few energy remaining here of people like you, like waiwa, like Jack_cms, etc. etc. 5.- Bad coding: I learned PHP and, I''m sure, the same of a lot of the rest, reading the oscommerce code. I see good and usefull addons uploaded. Others so so good and/or interesting according my point of view. The autors need to take care of their 'sons' and the rest of us may ask for issues, new features, technical questions, etc. I think that it's not good to create factions and war againts one to others. Can someone of us confirm us that, when uploading, he discover that there are a mistake and he was forced to re-upload this. A lot of cases with gentle people that in a constructive way inform to the developer or someone that detect a bug in the code.. I'm wrong?!? 6.- I agree with Rwe that the adoms area need a 'rebuild'... but I KNOW that Burt and NONE OF US here can do it... This is the IMPORTANT THING, the sad thing, the impotent thing.... Me, as the rest of you, LOVE oscommerce. We are less and less people remaining here every day... Can we be at least to be polite? Can we be constructive? +1 peace, love, PATIENCE.
  6. Dear JcMagpie: Can you supply to the rest of the mortals the link of their github ? If this (put a link here) 'violates' something, I would be very happy if you want send a PM with the info. Thanks and Happy New Year to you and the rest of the crew!!!
  7. Antonio Garcia

    Español pack para OsC Responsive BS EDGE o Gold

    @valquiria23, perdona por la intromisión. Me parece que no eres Española, sino que nos hablas desde el otro lado del Atlántico, ¿Me equivoco? ¿Has visto muchas cosas en la traducción de Rainer que no diríais igual en Argentina? (eso de 'acordate' me hace pensar que 'vos sos de ahí'...) Por curiosidad, de uno que vive en Madrid...
  8. Antonio Garcia

    Upgrade, or change cart?

    Yes, I noted this, I mean, to try to find the best addoms in the top of the page. When you chose 'By relevance' the things become strange... But it seems that nobody here have the privileges to 'edit' the oscommerce.com site. May be HPDL is the only with the ftp account to do changes. If I'm wrong, I would like to suggest: - Button in the top of the index with this link: https://github.com/gburton/osCommerce-234-bootstrap/archive/master.zip - Dropdown with '2.3.4.BS' addoms, please - The staticstics are gone from the new re-design. I vote to re-enter the more downloaded addoms in the last week, month, year. No bulletproof, but can help when try to chose the 'right' addom, best than spend all the evening downloading, seeing code and/or installing, don't work, ah, my mistake, again, no, don't work, goin to the forun, read 124 pages, unninstall, forgot to delete files.... Well the hystory of every day... osCom is almost 18 years old. Is a "joung" woman that needs go out from their parent's house and see the world. We, as their brothers, cousins, friends or acquaintances (depending of the hard work spend here) need to care of her, ask if she need something and (at least in this moment where their parents are missing) take the responsibility about their development, get new pretty dresses (templates), a new wonder-bra (with good code) and beauty creams (refine/change code). The prettier, more boyfriends at the door (coders that want to code osC and/or shopowners that like take a try with this piece of code). Well a pompous version of what 'open source' should be... ... IF NOT... We, the ones that we like, goto to Island of the Turtle to drink, to fight and to think about what new galley to attack...
  9. Antonio Garcia

    Upgrade, or change cart?

    even if the author wants.. ?
  10. Antonio Garcia

    Upgrade, or change cart?

    By the way, I think that is NOT possible / legal, translate a contribution from osC to theprommisedcontribuionrepository.org, right ?
  11. Antonio Garcia

    Upgrade, or change cart?

    The issue here is not the number or if they are properly written (specially is there are no place where you can find the 'keys' how to programing). I think that the problem is that you need be a ninja or be lucky when find your right contribution/app. I noted previously... You need an extra work searching for forums and may be you will find no the good goal. I saw that some contributions have issues, that someone writes in a post a solution, but it's not translated to the download page... Some of GOOD coders make 'contributions' (not only experiments) in github (some very interesting) but they are lost unless you read almost all the post here... What about 'partials' updates? I know that is a personal feeling but I HATE when someone upload a file that solves an issue (not the full pack), latter other that add another file, a third that amend the first one (not full pack)... Almost nobody may know if all the improvements may crash the contribution or not... Every one of us have different technical background, some are only shopowners, others only coder, the majority a mix in different proportions of code/shop. One can help to the community making an humble and rudimentary F.A.Q. that work. Ok, you need edit a php file every time you need to change something in the language (well the same for the REST ot the language definitions...), another can do more complex apps that allow editon in php files or others making a marketplace in a week. We need ALL of these people trying to keep this alive! (please read this with the music attached) Anyway, after this patriotic soflama, may be it should be a good idea if we create a kind of help with the contributions. May be a github listing the ones that work with 2.2(frankensteiners), 2.3, 2.3BS, 2.4... 3.0 Someone push a conmit, then the contribution (with link both to apps page / forum) is added to the list. If someone found that 'dont work', another push asking for bug. If someone found that works in this version, push a conmit saying that works. * My Beautifull F.A.Q. - for 2.3BS - last updated 5-5-18 - 100% of the 10 users says that it works! * Login with Netscape - for 2.4 - last updated 7-5-45 - 10% of the 100 users says that is works! Github, a public spreadsheet in google docs... a way to see and check.. Latter, if it is possible a post sticked somewhere in the forum with the link and telling to ALL the people the procedure for publish, vote, search, etc... Yes, I KNOW, may be a lot of work...
  12. Dear Phil:

    Sorry for disturb you.

    I send to you this private communication because of the nature of the subject and because it seems that I think that 'you are the boss' in this field.

    I would like to ask you if you know that someone worked in a (may be a false news, I don't know) in a possible 'security breach' in osCom (dated 20 April) ?

    Please see here, in the 'Harald Ponce de Leon's file':


    As Harald seems to be absent from 14 Feb.... :wacko:

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    2. Antonio Garcia

      Antonio Garcia

      WTF!!! :wacko:

      Forgive me, you and the rest of  the "scrutinizing eyes".

      May be my mistake is not a mistake at all!!!

      (Now, I will send to you, in a private msg, the race predictions of next week...)

      All the best.


    3. MrPhil


      My race predictions: a black man moving into his new apartment will be arrested on suspicion of burglary. Two Native American students on a college tour will be arrested for not being in their place. A black Yale student will be arrested napping in the common area of her dorm. :( Oh, you wanted next week's! That was last week's.

    4. Antonio Garcia

      Antonio Garcia

      image.png.e057d6c8e56eb989f6799576bfe08260.pngIt's possible that next week you will meet in the corridor of your house with a nice jew with a dark hat selling ice cream. Remember to carry loose money...

  13. Antonio Garcia

    Upgrade, or change cart?

    The point of view of one of the partners about this subject: http://www.ozeworks.com/oscommerce-then-and-now/
  14. Antonio Garcia

    Upgrade, or change cart?

    Ah!, ...ok, ...I understand! I will do!