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  1. Antonio Garcia

    call to new function in addon

    require('includes/application_top.php'); //<-- you need find this line and insert the code bellow // includes your function file here require('includes/module/store/st_addon.php'); Insert this code in product_info.php file...
  2. Harald, please, please, PLEASE, can you re-desing the addons area were we can find the following?

    • Estate the Compatibility with the osC versions?
    • Rating of the users
    • Languages availables and how can contribute to this.
    • Allow 'lite' addons of commercial ones
    • A warning with very old addons...
    • A good starting point:  https://es.wordpress.org/plugins/

    If you can't do it, please ALLOW to do it by the rest of this OPEN SOURCE comunity.


    1. valquiria23


      please Harald !!!! 😁

  3. Antonio Garcia

    Español pack para OsC Responsive BS EDGE o Gold

    @valquiria23, perdona por la intromisión. Me parece que no eres Española, sino que nos hablas desde el otro lado del Atlántico, ¿Me equivoco? ¿Has visto muchas cosas en la traducción de Rainer que no diríais igual en Argentina? (eso de 'acordate' me hace pensar que 'vos sos de ahí'...) Por curiosidad, de uno que vive en Madrid...
  4. Dear Phil:

    Sorry for disturb you.

    I send to you this private communication because of the nature of the subject and because it seems that I think that 'you are the boss' in this field.

    I would like to ask you if you know that someone worked in a (may be a false news, I don't know) in a possible 'security breach' in osCom (dated 20 April) ?

    Please see here, in the 'Harald Ponce de Leon's file':


    As Harald seems to be absent from 14 Feb.... :wacko:

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    2. Antonio Garcia

      Antonio Garcia

      WTF!!! :wacko:

      Forgive me, you and the rest of  the "scrutinizing eyes".

      May be my mistake is not a mistake at all!!!

      (Now, I will send to you, in a private msg, the race predictions of next week...)

      All the best.


    3. MrPhil


      My race predictions: a black man moving into his new apartment will be arrested on suspicion of burglary. Two Native American students on a college tour will be arrested for not being in their place. A black Yale student will be arrested napping in the common area of her dorm. :( Oh, you wanted next week's! That was last week's.

    4. Antonio Garcia

      Antonio Garcia

      image.png.e057d6c8e56eb989f6799576bfe08260.pngIt's possible that next week you will meet in the corridor of your house with a nice jew with a dark hat selling ice cream. Remember to carry loose money...

  5. Antonio Garcia

    How to develop a mobile multilevel slide menu

    .... and you modded your web with foundation, bootstrap 3, bootstrap 4, W3.CSS, material design ? If you used bootsrap 3, please see this link (or google it) : If you did all the changes from <tables> to <divs> this should be trivial for you!!
  6. Antonio Garcia

    Addon installer concept

    Yes, I saw these scripts and also I think that they should be a good starting point. All these functions packed in a generic class plus another zip class that handles read/copy, etc may do the work. (Guau! How easy is make code whitout write it!) In the other hand, I'm a 2.3 hooligan, so in the next osC football match competition I like play with the 2.3 team, with the number 4...
  7. Antonio Garcia

    Addon installer concept

    May be I'm wrong but I think almost the 60% osC installations are 2.2. Why they can't update? We all know why, right? 30% 2.3, why? Some new shops with a version with an ongoing increase of goods contributions that does the life easy. The effors that some of you for adapt from 2.2 a lot of contributions confirm my suspects. 5% with 3.0 -> only for intrepid people 5% with 2.4 -> only for intrepid people. Good coding but with very few contributions, I think. IF in 2.4 is easy to add contributions, don need this code/contribution, but 2.3 needs it as wordpress need it or magento needs it, or open cart, etc. A scrip that does a backup to your database is essential. A script that install contributions and help you to keep them updated in a easy way is also essential.... of course in the osC version that I needs... Shopowners want to sell products and don't think in php to much. We like to open our IDE, run our local server or our beyond compare to spend a single evening find why 'this' or 'that' code don't work...
  8. Antonio Garcia

    Addon installer concept

    Estimado Piernas: Happy with your proposal!!! How we can help you? It needs to be into core? nooooooooo if it does the life easy to shopowners they simply use it (as they use others contrib). Here, as ALWAYS, we need find a place where find the instructions to make the zip an the extra files to 'order' the installation. My point of view: A contribution needs to add new files and EDIT old (core or not) files, so: * zip file with all the files needed from a /catalog/ dir. * in the root (not in catalog) a .php file that does the install. why not installer.php? You put it the list of 'steeps' for make the installer: -check ver, files permisions, existence of files, etc but also the hooks for add/edit the new code. In a second step, 'We' need study the way to make a log of the orders that 'installer.php' did, may be using a variation of 'Contribution Tracker'. In a future these orders may be executed in reverse to 'unninstall' the addom. I suggest you that you see here: https://apps.oscommerce.com/JWbl5&core-code-of-the-autoinstaller-script https://apps.oscommerce.com/Profile&247516-pektsekye They do almost the 75% of the needes you listed. The only drawback is that the 'list of steps' is written BY HAND in a xml file. If you make a class or a sort of functions that can translate a list of human readable actions (located in an array, for example) to a xml file you will do it! Whe array has 'verbs' that trigger a kind of functions like that: $instrucctions_array = array ( 'action' => 'insertCode', // <-- this verb will trigger the actions listed below 'file' => '/admin/customers.php', 'line' => 56, 'beforWhere' => '<div class="located place">, 'codeToBeInserted' => '<p>A buen precio va el tomate</p>' ) tep_insert_in_cofiguration_table ( $paramName, array $arrayOfBeautifullParams) if needed... tep_insert_in_configuration_table ( $paramName, array $arrayOfBeautifullParams) if needed... tep_insert_in_file_this_code tep_uncomment_in_file_this_code tep_add_in_file_this_hook tep_edit_language_file_with tep_write_in_log_when_installation_is_sucessfull Another suggestion: STOP adding in classes params that almost never are used. Where need we to know the value of MY_N_MODULE_VERSION_NUMBER ? In the modules.php page? If not the infinite number of define()'s will be as crazy as useless, I think) https://generatewp.com/plugin-readme/?clone=test-plugin-readme-txt-file
  9. Antonio Garcia

    [support]?MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping Module

    Found a older version of the tar file that I can open. It seems that in the last changes of the osCommerce website this file become corrupt. I post in MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping v1.100 (zip) the zip version. No other changes. Only re-packaging into a zip file. Antonio
  10. Antonio Garcia

    [support]?MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping Module

    Dear Joshua (or someone that are able to oppeing it): May you update into MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping v1.100 in a zip format insead the tar one? I can't open the tar version. I work in windows XP. not MAC. All the best. Antonio
  11. Antonio Garcia


    Dear Chooch: First at all, thanks for the trying of the code. Sorry if you have problems, because I have no problems... but I will try to help you. You says: First you will try to find 'where is the 2.00 coming from'. You must go to confituration/Points/Rewards 1.50: 1.- 'If you whish to limit points to be use per order, set points Max' : Do You have in this field 2.000 or 2.00 or 2.0 ? . If not, please inform me what is the 'exact' value you have. May be you try to set to 2000 points (two thousands) but if you put 2.000 you really put 2 (two). I don't kow if you have this issue, if not, please infor me. The best way to try to find the mistake I found in this moment, is 'echoing' in this page (checkout_paytment.php) the values of some variables to see what is going... To do this, goto checkout_paytment.php: 1.- Find: ... and replace with: 2.- Now, goto your page and try to make a new order and see the values you get... The values that we need know to allow or not an atmount of point so be used are: 'points that we need to spend in this purchase (theoretly) =' The value (in points) that (if the admin allows) the customers must redem to pay the purchase. 'max points allow per order (set in admin) = ' The value you put into the configuration. If you put 2.000 you will see '2.00' (WRONG VALUE, because the function tep_round() must return 2, not 2.00). 'max points allowed to spend in this order if the customers are enough points = ' This is the value that the script calculates. Also if you see an value of '2.00' insead 2, it seems that yo write a wrong value into configuration. 'the customers have this points to spend (depending the admin sets...)= ' Are the points that the customers are gain into our account. For example if he have 1500.00 points it must show 1500, not 1500.00 or if he have 555.10, you must see 555.1.... I check this issue puting a wrong value into admin and If I put 2.000 insead 2000 I get the same values that you get... Sou I suggest to put the values of points WITHOUT '.' AND ',' to avoid problems... Hope, this will help you. If not, please inform me the values you put into the configuration and re-check if the changes of code I suggest are the same you have in your pages. And finally, concerning number_format() versus tep_round() functions I suggest you see at Tax Proposal into the documentation of osCommerce where you can see IN THE BOTTON of this page the problems tha sometimes you will get with number_format(). If you feel that you have problems with this fuction, please change all number_format() with tep_round(). All the best. Antonio diskpol
  12. ... and If you have se same problem (long and stretched newletters) when you try to 'Preview' them, please change this: In admin/newsletters.php find: <td><tt><?php echo nl2br($nInfo->content); ?></tt></td> and replace with: <td><tt><?php echo $nInfo->content; ?></tt></td> So, only must erase the function nl2br() to avoid this problem. Antonio
  13. Hello, I found the solution of 'long and stretched' newsletters... Please see in this forum Solution for stretched newsletters I hope it helps. Antonio
  14. Antonio Garcia


    Dear Aleem: Thanks again for your words. Are you thinking that if you have some question about the code I put here, I will be unable to answer you? Remember my 2 post make as 'cosmetical' as 'small' as (I hope) ussefull improvements in 2 files: One is interesting for the customer: They knows the points that he are allow to spend (depending the Total Order that ALSO IS SOWHED in this file. A question asked in this forum). The other may filter the Customers Shiping Points depending the status value. If you are into customers_points_pending.php with 100 orders with different 'Point Status' it will be a little hard to admin this. Also, whith my code, you may discover if one order labeled 'In Process' is really 'confirmed' or 'Pending'. Even it should be a good chance for people (people that are asking in this forum, sometimes without answer, sometimes with bad code as I put some days ago...) that wants a way to put 'Confirmed' fast (and as Deep-Silver advise, dangerous). I understand your point of view, but I'm sorry, I can't disturb anybody with my propolsals. I hope nobody use it, because I find no response about this (the code may be is wrong or not interesting). So, don't worry. Mo more propolsals. I will keept waching.... All the best. Antonio
  15. Antonio Garcia


    Dear Aleem: Thanks for your glad works. I read the GNU License and each of the files of deep-silver (good as interesing) contribution and I can't find no place where he sais: Warning! I don't need your help! It's my contribution and nobody can contribute update/modify it. The two modif. I suggest are small pieces of code that you may put / check / and erase in a few minutes. They don't change the filosophy of the mod and may be these would be cataloged as 'trying to improve theyr functionality'. These are changes I made to my own future web and only I try to share with other people (code == time). I have no time and DON'T WANT to make a new contribution with the same name of the deep-silver with only a few changes. But I was thinking that this forum whould be the good place to write these ideas. May be they are wrong (it is possible!), not interesting (well, at least to one person it's interesting... yes - mime! :blush: ) and may be confusing (My English level is so low as my PHP level...). Sorry if I disturb to you with these ideas. I think that ALL the osCommerce code is the work of a few people, a lot other other suggest and another few make the improvements / changes. Until now I was a 'suggesting people' and now I try to colaborate and help (in my limited knoledge...). For example, as you can suspect, I'm Spanish and I had contacted with deep-silver to offers also a spanish traslation of the files. It seems that he are interesting in this... and also he's so polite to don't critice our posts (well, may be they are not interested or have no time to spend his time reading it). If this code is good for someone. Perfect! If there are some mistakes, please perdon, perdon perdon! (contact with me or write in the forun. I think, share our questions is so important that show our knoledge). If this code is not interesting. Sorry again! Why not test this code and says? Antonio, it don't work and only must read forums.... ... or Don't think it's interesting! ... or It's good, but I suggest best this code...! Well. I think you are the freedom to says all you want. Sorry again if my post disturb you. May be you are right and I don't must go out of the 'suggesting people'. Antonio