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    One Page Checkout Support

    Hi all! I faced with a problem with OnePage checkout while installing it: Some replacing of a code are done, but when I opened a "catalog/checkout_process.php" file and trying to find a text "tep_address_label($customer_id, $billto, 0, '', "\n") . "\n";" that need to be replaced with "$billToFormatted . "\n";" I can't find it. In my file I found next line: line 301 - tep_address_label($customer_id, $billto, 0, '', "\n") . "\n\n"; But it doesn't match exactly to needed one. I tried to replace it and then end a installation process (with a succesful SQL queries). Going to a shop, adding a goods to a shopping cart, pressing a link to checkout_shipping.php and then automatically redirecting to a page checkout.php - but there's only error 500 - Internal server error. Pls help solve a problem.