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  1. Running v2.3.4, is there a setting I'm missing that will allow customers to use special characters in their passwords? Getting several requests for this.
  2. Thanks Mike, I'll try that
  3. Driving myself crazy. Been looking for the icons and code for the links at the top of my site and I can't find either. Anyone know where to look for these? The thumbs up and the truck links top left here: Also attached a screenshot.
  4. I've successfully cloned my site so I can safely test things. Having trouble finding where I can change the DB that it's connecting to. What file or files can I change to connected to the new DB?
  5. I just upgraded my oscommerce site from whatever version I got in 2009 to v2.3.4 which I got running yesterday. I'm trying now to either migrate my database that I've been using for 7 years into the one that's running the new site. Needless to say I'm posting this because I haven't been successful. I've looked at both and the tables are basically the same so I guess my question is where can I change the database name in the oscommerce template to see if it will just work that way, or how can I get the old date into the new database? I've tried just backing up the old and restoring it to the new and that didn't work.