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  1. Would you  be  interested in installing recaptcha on my site? I'm a guitar builder and I can do some things, but some of this escapes my capabilities. I need it on the account create page and the contact page.

    1. valquiria23


      Hello DivebombInc  ,

      I hope you are very well.
      I like to help users (if I can), but I don't do installation work for other users. For that, it is best to ask for help at Commercial Support. There are several talented developers on the forum.

      I recommend you to be a PRO user of Phoenix and contact Burt for his Google recaptcha modules.

      have a nice day.


  2. DivebombInc

    Installation issues

    Pretty sure that's how we had it set up before. I changed it. Works now. Thanks!
  3. DivebombInc

    Installation issues

    I'm having an issue too, but with no errors shown. When I select Payment type ' PayPal (including Credit and Debit Cards) ' and hit '>Continue Checkout' it takes me to '/ext/modules/payment/paypal/express_payflow.php' and I get a blank white page. Maybe I've set up Payments wrong?
  4. DivebombInc

    Excludes based on page

    This is what I was getting at. Based on some condition just exclude the cart button and price. Or if someone bought it for 999999, I could just retire and not worry about any of this.
  5. DivebombInc

    Excludes based on page

    That would effect all pages, even those that I want cart buttons and prices on.
  6. DivebombInc

    Excludes based on page

    I thought about this and could do this easily. I wanted continuity across the site though with all pages looking the same.
  7. DivebombInc

    Excludes based on page

    @Jack_mcs been looking all day and I haven't found one that works with Phoenix
  8. DivebombInc

    Excludes based on page

    Is there a way to exclude things like 'Add to Cart' buttons and price based on the page or product ID? I want to add a gallery of our work and exclude the add to cart and price.
  9. DivebombInc

    Installation issues

    So, I've been looking at add-ons and I found a social media one (JcM Custom Be...) that I like. It says just download and go to admin and install. Moving forward I'm sure I'm going to find other add-ons. Where is this actually added in admin? Is it an app, is it a module? Where do I do this upload? @peterpil19 This is one I'm working on now.
  10. DivebombInc

    Installation issues

    I hear you @burt. It's already laid out the way that's going to work for us, and I've already received some feedback on how much easier it is to navigate than our old site. I'm adding product already so our sales don't slow down. The store name on the dashboard was just annoying me. I think once we get the catalog full the only things I'm going to want is a scrolling image on the home page to put 3-4 of our custom guitars in, and a gallery page that looks like a regular product page but pictures only.
  11. DivebombInc

    Installation issues

    Typical, I was digging too deep. Thanks @burt
  12. DivebombInc

    Installation issues

    Well I've been up for an hour trying to remove my Store Name from my main admin page. I can't find it in the code anywhere. Anyone know where this is? It's showing in about a 60 font size and I just don't need to see it on my admin page.
  13. DivebombInc

    Installation issues

    Got it, thanks all for the help! I'll probably be back with questions
  14. DivebombInc

    Installation issues

    Will the new install (dammit) build the database too?
  15. DivebombInc

    Installation issues

    ...i hate you