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  1. kinomuto

    world zone rate by price ..?

    You need this module: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...,shipping+price HTH
  2. Great contrib Jack - thanks for your work on this :) Everything is working fine. I have noticed though that customers can not add the product to their cart though, when viewing the product through the catalogue. Is this right or have I gone wrong somewhere? I see from reading this thread that I can remove the product from the catalogue *but* was wondering if there was a way of making this function as a normal product as well as a gift item? TIA Kino
  3. Hi Stephen That fixed the problem - thank you very much for your reply! :) Best Kino
  4. I think it has to be in this part of the code: // Search enhancement mod start if(isset($_GET['keywords']) && $_GET['keywords'] != ''){ if(!isset($_GET['s'])){ $pwstr_check = strtolower(substr($_GET['keywords'], strlen($_GET['keywords'])-1, strlen($_GET['keywords']))); if($pwstr_check == 's'){ $pwstr_replace = substr($_GET['keywords'], 0, strlen($_GET['keywords'])-1); header('location: ' . tep_href_link( FILENAME_ADVANCED_SEARCH_RESULT , 'search_in_description=1&s=1&keywords=' . urlencode($pwstr_replace) . '' )); exit; } } $pw_keywords = explode(' ',stripslashes(strtolower($_GET['keywords']))); $pw_boldwords = $pw_keywords; $sql_words = tep_db_query("SELECT * FROM searchword_swap"); $pw_replacement = ''; while ($sql_words_result = tep_db_fetch_array($sql_words)) { if(stripslashes(strtolower($_GET['keywords'])) == stripslashes(strtolower($sql_words_result['sws_word']))){ $pw_replacement = stripslashes($sql_words_result['sws_replacement']); $pw_link_text = '<b><i>' . stripslashes($sql_words_result['sws_replacement']) . '</i></b>'; $pw_phrase = 1; $pw_mispell = 1; break; } for($i=0; $i<sizeof($pw_keywords); $i++){ if($pw_keywords[$i] == stripslashes(strtolower($sql_words_result['sws_word']))){ $pw_keywords[$i] = stripslashes($sql_words_result['sws_replacement']); $pw_boldwords[$i] = '<b><i>' . stripslashes($sql_words_result['sws_replacement']) . '</i></b>'; $pw_mispell = 1; break; } } } if(!isset($pw_phrase)){ for($i=0; $i<sizeof($pw_keywords); $i++){ $pw_replacement .= $pw_keywords[$i]. ' '; $pw_link_text .= $pw_boldwords[$i]. ' '; } } $pw_replacement = trim($pw_replacement); $pw_link_text = trim($pw_link_text); $pw_string = '<br><span class="main"><font color="red">' . TEXT_REPLACEMENT_SUGGESTION . '</font><a href="' . tep_href_link( FILENAME_ADVANCED_SEARCH_RESULT , 'keywords=' . urlencode($pw_replacement) . '&search_in_description=1' ) . '">' . $pw_link_text . '</a></span><br><br>'; } // Search enhancement mod end I looked at the '+'s in these lines: for($i=0; $i<sizeof($pw_keywords); $i++){ for($i=0; $i<sizeof($pw_keywords); $i++){ And tried taking them out - just got a parse error. I'm not a PHP guy though so I may be completely off in the wrong direction? TIA Kino
  5. Hi all, Still haven't had any luck with this bug - aren't you all having the same trouble with your copies? Try typing in two search terms - one spelt wrong (where you have a replacement word in the keyword replacement list). The system will suggest one of the words is wrong (highlighting it) and then put a '+' into the search box. These '+''s then stop the product being found as 'keyword + keyword' or 'keyword+keyword' both come back with nothing or product not found. Basically if your customers are looking for more than one keyword then you are in trouble if they have spelt them wrong. I am getting a fair few '+''s in my list of keywords that people have typed in - are none of you lot getting that? Each one of these represents a customer who has searched for a product and ended up not finding anything at your store. Anyway - if anyone has any ideas they would be appreciated. At the moment I have changed this line: 3) Try using fewer keywords - in the error message To: 3) Try using one keyword To try and steer the flow back in the right direction but it's not the best solution :( Best, Kino
  6. Hi Jack_mcs Thanks for that - that did the trick :) Right - I'm back to trying to sort out these search functions..;) Best, Kino
  7. Hi all, Anyone know where these META are coming from in the code? <META NAME=".........Find the protection against fires."> <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="............Firelite Notifier fire security against fires"> Must be hardcoded somewhere - they appear after the input from the admin META sections - only noticed them by checking source ;) Best, Kino
  8. Fine tuning :) Ok - when the screen comes up for a suggested word, i.e. did you mean 'keyword' there is a bug. If you have typed in 2 keywords into the search, i.e. modell 98 - and I have suggested that any searches for 'modell 98' be directed to 'model 98' - sure enough the screen comes up and suggests - Did you mean 'Model 98' However, when you click this link, it puts model+98 into the search bar - and obviously the search treats that as a search for model+98 as one word - and finds nothing. Is there anyway of removing this addition of the '+' into the search bar in between the keywords and keeping the space. At the moment if any of your users are using 2 words together that are mispelt (even if just one is) then they will hit two screens before being told this product doesn't exist :) Any ideas anyone? Best, Kino
  9. Ah found out a way of making it work: Change this line: if($pwstr_check == 's'){ to: if($pwstr_check == ''){ I'm sure this isn't very pretty programatically but it seems to do the trick ;) Thanks, Kino
  10. WillemB, Like I say - I'm not programmer - so could you possibly put up the code for this mod without the 's'! I'm not having much luck here removing it. :-) TIA Kino
  11. Hi, First I would like to say thanks for the mod - it's been very useful. I'm not a programmer myself - I specialise in SEO for our clients and the way Oscommerce indexes content made me choose and recommend it over all the other programs out there. I have noticed though with this mod that there is an abnormality that happens - due I think to the 's' being stripped out. If you search for two keywords together, and the second keyword has an 's' (i.e. paintball guns) - the search returns no products. This is strange as 'paintball gun' does return results. The initial search 'paintball guns' is replaced by the product not found page and paintball+gun in the search bar - if you search on this again, you still get the products not found page. There is also this line in that page - Your search - - did not match any products So it seems that stripping out the 's' has stopped searches on multiple keywords when the last one has an 's'. I'm going to try removing this feature now to see if that makes any difference, but if anyone else has some ideas I would be very interested. I also posted on the tips and suggestion - if anyone would be interested in having a chat about improving the search facilities on Oscommerce then let me know. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...=0entry336438 Best, Kino
  12. Hi all, As an SEO consultant I'm very interested in enhancing the search facilities within Oscommerce. I have installed the search_enhancements mod. from within hte contributions and that has gone part of the way to making the system better but I needed to find a way to have the number of keywords count towards a better ranking in those search results. i.e. if there is a higher number of occassions of that word in the description text then it appears nearer the top of a search on those keywords. It would also be great if titles could be weighted as well. If there is someone out there who has done some work on search mods and would like to have a chat about Google behaviour and rankings then send me a message. I'm not a programmer so can't help there but I do have a lot of experience of Google and the other search engines and how they weigh the importance of a page (the pages being in this case the product pages). Or if anyone knows of any work being done in this area then please let me know - I would like to contribute. Best regards, Nick Wilsdon
  13. In case anyone else gets this error - there was a permissions conflict in the mySQL tables. That was why it was no longer letting me create or view tables. To clear it do the following: mysqladmin -uroot -ppassword flush-hosts /etc/init.d/mysqld restart I then got the .sql file with this mod uploaded - ll fine and now have it working across the site :DD Thx to everyone who mailed me - and good luck Atlantis on your one! Best, Kino
  14. Thx inetchoices - I followed what you did before and that did the trick. However then I got another error about products_head_title_tag being missing. This was the one from the SQL file. I went back to phpmyadmin and tried again to upload it but it didin't seem to be working - just sent me back to the intro screen. I then put just one line in: ALTER TABLE products_description ADD products_head_title_tag VARCHAR(80) NULL; And got the following error: SQL-query : [Edit] ALTER TABLE products_description ADD products_head_title_tag VARCHAR(80) NULL MySQL said: No Database Selected Anyone got any ideas? I have uploaded the other .sql files that came with contributions without a problem. Thx, Kino
  15. Hi all, Yes, I am getting the same errors as above - I checked the database - thanks Jack_mcs - and the table 'categories_status' is not there. Should I try just adding this in phpmyadmin? Looks like a good contribution - I would really like to get it working. BTW I am also getting corrupted downloads on the latest two entries on the contribution list. Best, Kino