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  1. proimage

    osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0.1

    Hi Mark, Thanks for the tip, looks like the custom folder will do the magic then... I have not as yet installed v3.0.1 [as I am planning such next week] but is there some configuration settings that I have to do to instruct the system to make use of the custom folder. With best regards Fabian
  2. proimage

    osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0.1

    Hi Chris, As you may recall, I have contributed to enhancing the themes with the likes of PrettyPhoto etc. Hence I was after porting the contribs for v3. I was rather lost seeing the new framework that totally defers from the v3Alpha1 ;) Regs Fab
  3. Has anyone started to look under the hood of v3.0.1. Just downloaded this version and I cannot as yet figure out where the default template folder is. Any help of what goes where, would be really appreciated. With best regards Fabian
  4. proimage

    jQuery - Ultimate Product Pack

    Xcisco Sorry for the delay, but I have not received an email notification of your post. Check that your sts template calls the javascript and css files properly. Regs Fab
  5. proimage

    OSC3 prettyPhoto Contribution

    OSC3 prettyPhoto v1.1 [Full Package] Hi there, Just a small update on the v1.0. This version has a bug fix as to the image group id [Thanks to Blackwater] as well as the ability to load the original images from an different URL such a sub-domain, etc. [This comes in very useful fro those like me that are all out for site optimization and fast page download speeds] Enjoy
  6. proimage

    OSC3 prettyPhoto Contribution

    Blackwater, I have an idea to improve the contrib for better page loading speed, in that I am trying to mangle the code not to preload the additional images on the product_info page at all [since they are hidden anyway] but let prettyphoto do the call. Also it would be nice to add a clickable [click on product image to enlarge], underneath the product_info page main image. Any ideas, as I am overwhelmed with work to catch up [three months of such, heh]. You'll be credited in the upgrade ; Cheers Fab
  7. proimage

    OSC3 prettyPhoto Contribution

    Hi All, I welcome back myself after a longish break from this forum as I was very busy with a lot of study. [Crazy me I did two ICT degrees at the same go ;) ] but now I back on OSC3 track. Special thanks goes to Blackwater whom gave support to those that needed it, whilst I was busy racking my brains… The contribution is supposed to work out of the box, but will look into blackwater’s code… as I haven’t had the chance to do so… To many things to catch up with. For those interested in seeing a working live store of such contribution in effect, please go to my own website http://www.guns.com.mt Click on the product images, and there you will be presented with images that are over 2000 pixels wide. Whilst on the site, take note of the page loading speed. Cheers Fab
  8. proimage

    OSC3 prettyPhoto Contribution

    I have a V2 2.2.rc2a contrib that works just like it http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7195 Its slightly different though.... as it runs off additional images module. No need for that in OSC3 Cheers Fab
  9. proimage

    OSC3 prettyPhoto Contribution

    Contibution can be found here
  10. Hi This is the support thread for the OSC3 prettyPhoto v1. Hope you enjoy the power of this contribution that is bound to change the way OSC3 image display looks :rolleyes: Enjoy... Fabian
  11. proimage

    jQuery - Ultimate Product Pack

    Its a database error, re install the DB and you will be fine. Check out that the sql has been sucessful. Cheers FAB
  12. proimage

    jQuery - Ultimate Product Pack

    Well enough... As for a start this contrib, as most of the rest, if not all, is basis off a virgin install. I don't have time to play around doing the find this and that... it makes me dizzy to read one, let alone do one... From my experience with installing other contribs, it never works with a modified cart just the same. I mean what is the use of searching a string, db_call, etc. that has been modified already by another contrib... Your search would result negative. With a good comparing program you will install such contrib in a mere ten minutes and that's for noobs. If your cart is virgin, well just replace the files with the ones in this contrib. If your cart is already modified, you need to use your brains to see what goes where, be it that you are using a compare program or find this and that [A compare program will display the changes for easier reference and less brain power]. Use a good compare program as it will really help you with all the add-ons installation as it will highlight the changes that need to be applied. Linked here is a good program that will help you. BTW this is still version 1 let alone version 2 so get used to the compare program.
  13. proimage

    jQuery - Ultimate Product Pack

    Hi JP, image quality goes by the standard 72dpi resolution. YOU CANNOT ALTER THAT!!!! i.e. 72 pixels per inch square. To increase image size you need to establish if you would like it to be 100px by 100px, etc. The size is established by first going to admin > configuration > images and change the sizes according to your likings. Then go to admin > config > additional images enable the auto create three image sets so that you can only upload one large image and the contribution will create a medium size and a thumbnail for you. Remember to think about image size ratios, i.e. if you have a large image of 400px by 400px, set the medium image 200px by 200px and the thumbnail 100px by 100px. If you have rectangle images, open the large image in photoshop and scale down the image and take note for the measurements so that you could input such values in the admin > config > images. You don't need photoshop any longer and don't even save the image scale down versions as the contrib does all by itself to speed you up. Cheers Fab
  14. proimage

    jQuery - Ultimate Product Pack

    Check your admin install folder, its very strange its show Additional Images. Let me know
  15. proimage

    Facebook Connect

    Hi All, I am working on the idea to have my store featuring a connect with facebook for people to log into my store using a facebook account, [just like the forum] Have been reading through the Facebook API docs and I am now trying to figure out what goes where on OSC rc2. I guess that such a contrib will be used by all OSC stores. Anyone interested in help out with the code. Cheers Fab