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  1. I have a problem regarding the google sitemap, for my other site, it is working fine. In my localhost it is working fine. But once I uploaded the file go to the sitemap, all sitemaps failed.
  2. simon022877

    RBS World Pay Junior callback

    I have a problem with the callback when I am using different currencies other than USD. hope someone can help me with this thank you
  3. simon022877

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    when i installed this plugin, in my local host it is working fine, but my problem is when i installer it to my main server, below is the output http://cutleriesdirect.com/elegancia-cutleries-premium-cutleries-c-25_35.html?osCsid=erua8nicaslus8ap9g74pvklt7'>http://cutleriesdirect.com/elegancia-cutleries-premium-cutleries-c-25_35.html?osCsid=erua8nicaslus8ap9g74pvklt7 so instead of http://cutleriesdirect.com/elegancia-cutleries-premium-cutleries-c-25_35.html i have done the necessary instructions that you told. got an htaccess for rewrite mod cpath to product url is false, so it should be working well hope you can help me with this