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  1. I've downloaded and installed the demo version today. However, when I try to log into the admin screen, my login fails. Are there known issues with running in a test server? (Windows 7 running XAMPP Apache/2.2.14 MySQL 5.1.41 PHP/5.3.1) I've checked the erp_osc-conf.php file, and the login values for my database are correct. I made sure that all files under the adminxpx folder are read/writable by all users. The install script ran beautifully, with no glitches whatsoever. Any ideas?
  2. This looks like a very important add-on. Will it be implemented in V2.3.1?
  3. OR, what am I doing wrong? I've just setup the Paypal PRO payment module. I have set the Paypal Payment Method to "Authorize", so I can check stock, etc. before finalizing the order. 1. Place an (test) order. 2. The customer gets a confirmation email. (I know, because I'm the customer.) 3. Paypal receives and processes the authorization. (I know, because I called Paypal) 4. I (the store owner) DON'T receive an email for the order. 5. I DON'T receive any advice from paypal regarding the authorization. (Unless I log in and check my account. But the authorization info is not tied to the order, only the amount is.) I know this scenario is terribly wrong, but I don't know what to do. Can someone help?
  4. Duh! - Sorry, I was having one of those days.... Thank you.
  5. ?? The Administration Panel has only "Paypal Express" checkout. As I understand it, Paypal Express is a wholly different animal than Paypal PRO.
  6. I'm new to osCommerce - have just spent several weeks building my store and am ready to go! Decided Paypal PRO was the way to go, so I set up my account at Paypal, got my SSL Cert installed - only to find out now that there is not a Paypal PRO add-on module available for V2.3.1. Can anyone help? I'm not adept at PHP, or I would just go into the V2.2 module and adapt, but that's not really an option for me.