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  1. mofpeXL

    Products Cycle Slideshow

    Hi I have a problem that i hope someone can help me with. OScommerce 2,2 and product cycle slideshow. I'm getting this error when i'm clicking on an image: " 'Effekt' er ikke defineret lightbox.js kode 0 Linie 211 - Tegn 9 URL: http://xlfashion.dk/scripts/lightbox/lightbox.js And it's danish. Can anybody help?
  2. Great spooks Now its working. Thank you.
  3. Hi Sam. Great contrib, but i have a little problem. I´m sitting here with my danish OSC v2.2 RC2a, but i have one problem. I can´t see any pictures in fancybox. I havent install any other contrib, as far as i know. And no mootools. And the js directory is copied to the images directory. I there any where in the code, i can look. I hope you can help. Please tell me if you need any code or other things. Best regards mofpeXL