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  1. I feel like a goof! :blush: I only installed upsxml.php, not the WHOLE package :blush: Got it now!
  2. I do not see the xml.php, or xml_5.php files in my install. Are they part of an add on?
  3. NO :( Where can I find it, so I can copy it there? Rusty
  4. I am having trouble with the UPS XML module. We are running php 5.2.11, and this bit of code is causing issues: // Incorporate the XML conversion library if (PHP_VERSION >= '5.0.0') { // PHP 5 does not need to use call-time pass by reference require_once (DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'xml_5.php'); } else { require_once (DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'xml.php'); } This is one of the errors in the module control panel If I comment it out I get all sorts of issues at checkout, so I am guessing it is necessary? :'( What can I do about this? Thanks Rusty
  5. OK I am looking for a add-on for shipping that can do the following: Use UPS. When certain items are picked all other shipping options, except UPS are locked out, or not shown. Does not allow international shipping (customer must contact me for shipping quote) Uses the weight of the item to calculate shipping. has the option to add a handling fee, or set a shipping rate for large items (size or weight). I am also looking for an add-on that will only allow a 'freight' shipping option for my really heavy items 400+ lbs. Any ideas on this? Thanks Rusty
  6. rusty105

    usps shipping not working

    I have run into the same issue, and I changed the code in usps.php to use the 'testing' server, and 'testing' API and still it states there is an error. Any ideas where to look??? Rusty