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    PLEASE HELP OPTIONS & Custom computer creator

    I have tried installing CCC about 10 different times. I get errors like if (tep_session_is_registered('ccc_prod_id')){ $edit_params = 'edit=1'; $link_file = FILENAME_CCC_BUILD; }else{ $link_file = FILENAME_CCC; $edit_params = ''; } but that is not all! No matter what I change, I get all errors regarding TEP. like tep_session or tep_read tep_write tep_array errors. does anyone know of any drag and drop files I can use on a FRESH INSTALL OF OSCOMMERCE? This CCC 9.3 just is not working, but i really need it badly.
  2. OK, I was originally looking for options within options. Basically 1 attribute would be motherboards. then if a socket 478 motherboard is selected, the next attribute would show intel processors, NOT amd or anything else. Basically selecting one option attribute would control what is displayed in the next box. I was told to use Custom Computer Creator 9.3 to do this. I have installed this thing over and over on multiple fresh installs of osc. This program does not work and neither do the other older versions. I tried the last two versions. If anyone has this working, or has drag and drop files for a new install of osc lpease let me know!!! I tried custom pc creator/builder beta 2.0, but it does not do anything special for what I need. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, If anyone has gotten CCC Custom Computer Creator to work please tell me how or email me a copy of the files to drag and drop, because I am tired of modifying 30+ files over and over and over thinking I am the one making mistakes. When really, the script is bad. Thanks to all who help, Chad email address removed from post