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  1. I am using the Percent Shipping based on % of total order amount module and it works great except that the shipping method will not show on the invoice. Here is link to module:,5953 Thanks
  2. I'm trying to add the customer id to the invoice using the code: $customer_id = tep_db_query("select customers_id from " . TABLE_ORDERS . " where orders_id = '" . (int)$oID . "'"); it just returns Resource id #32 Any ideas?
  3. checked it but it's set to 0.0
  4. Using Oscommerce 2.2 RC2 with UPSXML module 1.3.7 everything works great except for each order there is an additional 3lbs thats not supposed be to there. For example if you go to this page: and add the 1 bottle order the weight should be 3.5lbs instead it shows 7lbs. on the order summary. Any ideas?