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  1. Under oscommerce admin, tools, version checker, I am running 2.3.1. Heres my output. Version Checker Installed Version: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.1 This appears to not be the problem. I downloaded a language pack that I found here (traducao_oscommerce_2.3.1_v.1.1), but have not executed SQL statements because it appears after installing and uninstalling multiple times that I compound a problem that already exist. So, as a result, I have maually placed the portugues.php and language folders where they belong and here I am. Is there any other options that may be available? Your assistance is appreciated.
  2. Jim - Yes, I have recently installed 2.3.1. It switches languages but certain special portuguese characters are not being translated and are replaced with a "?" character within a rectangle containing a black background.
  3. In a multi-language (Portuguese & English currently) the portuguese characters are not being recognized in the store header, box headers, or box content. Does someone have a solution for my problem?