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  1. Duh! Didn't realize there were more instructions in the text file, thought it was a revision history, hadn't looked below the versions. Got it! Thank you once again! Awesome!
  2. And it did. I thank you profusely! Beautiful! You saved me many hours of learning more than I really wanted to know about oscommerce. If I could ask one more thing. Any idea why it might only add 1 item to the cart regardless of the quantity entered in the quantity box? THANK YOU!
  3. Awesome mod, thank you very much! Just started working on a clients site, and this does a lot of what they had asked for out of the box. However :-) I see in version 1.85, you state that "if the products price or products stock are zero the buy now button is removed, a details button will be shown if thats set in admin (ie set for buy now & details)." My problem is that my client has no prices setup for certain products. (All prices zero, the price is strictly in the options attributes, size in this case). Might there be a simple way to force display of the buy now/add to cart button even if the base price is zero? Or would you recommend I download the older version & just use that? Thanks!