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  1. First, I am using the new 2CO with IPN module: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,6910 I have my cookies set to Force Cookies and am 99% sure my configuration for SSL and cookies is correct. In IE7+ when I complete a 2CO order It takes me back to my site, but i get a Cookie Usage error. I can assure you cookies are enabled. In FireFox with I complete an order it stays at the 2CO site. Is there anything you need me to provide to help answer the question? I am not sure what to do. the URL to the site is http://www.onnabeads.com I have the 2CO stuff setup for testing right now. Daniel
  2. ddivita

    "Cookie Usage" and FireFox not redirecting Issue?

    With a heavy heart, I have to say I have decided to go with another cart software. Thank you for looking at this post and any thoughts you may have had. Daniel