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  1. Where can i find any demo of this contribution?
  2. senatorman

    [Contribution] PDF data-sheet maker v.1.1

    I realy like this contribution. It's very handy for my clients. Now i have one problem. I work with Icecat. The fill my database with the productspecs. These specs are in html-format. The datasheetmaker can't read this html code. This result in al long unreadable specification without seperators. is there an way that this contribution can read this html code and make a good readable specs? Example: This is the icecat specs readed from my databes And the pdf_sheet_maker shows this PrintkwaliteitKleurYMaximale resolutie4800 x 1200 DPIPrintsnelheidPrintsnelheid (zwart, standaardkwaliteit, A4)7.5 ppmPrintsnelheid (kleur, standaard, A4)4.5 ppmPrinttechnologiePrinttechnologieInkjetScannenMaximum scanresolutie1200 x 2400 DPIKleurenscansYKleurdiepte48 / 24 bitSoort scannerFlatbed scannerMet geïntegreerde scannerYGrijsniveau's256 levels of greyOptische scanresolutie19200 x 19200 DPIKopiërenKopieersnelheid (standaard, zwart, A4)5.5 cpmKleurenkopiemogelijkheidYKopieersnelheid (standaard, kleur, A4)2.2 cpmCopyingYFaxenMet geïntegreerde faxYModemsnelheid33.6 Kbit/sAutomatische nummerherhalingYFaxgeheugen50 pagesDatacompressieMH, MR, MMRInvoercapaciteitMaximum invoercapaciteit100 sheetsMediaformatenMaximale printafmetingenA4 / Letter (216 x 297 mm)Media-afmetingen voor afdrukken zonder witrandA4, Letter, 20 x 25cm, 13 x 18cm, 10 x 15cmEnvelopes sizesDL, COM10ISO A-series sizes (A0...A9)A4, A5MediaformatenISO B-series sizes (B0...B9)B5LegalYLetterYPhoto paper sizes10 x 15cm, 13 x 18cm, 20 x 25cmMediatypesEnveloppenYGlanzend papierYNormaalpapierYFotopapierYMinimale systeemeisenMac-compatibiliteitYCompatibele besturingssystemenWindows Vista, Vista SP1 Windows XP SP2, SP3 \nWindows 2000 Professional SP4\nMac OS X v.10.3.9, v.10.4, v10.5Minimale processor1 GHzMinimaal
  3. senatorman

    PC Pro Creator

    This is a very great contribution. If installed and after solving a few bugs, it works fine now. But there is one thing that works not good for my shop. My shop has this structure: Category > 1e-subcategory > 2e-subcategory Like: Processors(category) ___Intel-Socket-775(1e-subcategory) ______Single-Core(2e-subcategory) ______Dual-core(2e-subcategory) ______Quad-core(2e-subcategory) ___AMD-Socket-AM3 ______Single-Core ______Dual-Core ______Quad-Core The problem is that in the builder the (1e-subcategory)is the first of selection. How can i change this, that the first of selection is the (category). On this way it's possible to make an AMD or Intel system Can someone tell me how to change?
  4. senatorman

    Automatic Stock Notification

    I've installed this great mod, and it works fine, but only if the productstock is manually added in de admin. I update products and the stocklevel directly in de mysql database with an automaticly import of 30000 products. And then this mod doesn't work. Is there any way to send al productsubscribers an notification about the new stocklevel after import the data? I hope someone can help me with this problem, So i can use this great mod in future. Greetings Senator