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  1. I have web payments pro setup in my cart. Everything seems to work great except that users can choose to "Checkout with Paypal" instead of the standard "Checkout" option. When this is chosen, after the user is logged in and/or creates an account, they are taken directly to PayPal; thus bypassing the checkout payment page where they would need to agree to T&Cs. I still want to keep PayPal Express as an option but want the user to HAVE to agree to T&Cs before purchasing. If the standard "Checkout" is chosen, then they can still choose PayPal Express as a payment option but have to agree to T&Cs. This is preferred. How can I remedy this problem?
  2. OK, it looks like the SSL isn't working because of content I have added to /catalog/includes/column_right.php If I remove the content, SSL works correctly. I never had this problem before. What can I do to resolve this? Nevermind, it was because I had unsecure content. Disregard.
  3. I installed this addon and everything seemed to work until I went to checkout. It looks like my SSL isn't working. Any ideas?
  4. jacobsag

    PayPal Standard and Encrypted Web Payments

    Gotcha, I believe I understand now. So if I already have an SSL certificate properly configured there would be no need to enable encrypted web payments, right?
  5. Anyone know how well this addon works? http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5527 Does it allow the customer to specify the amount or does there have to be pre defined amounts? Any other recommendations?
  6. jacobsag

    PayPal Standard and Encrypted Web Payments

    I'm not using buttons generated from PayPal's site. What is the point of having encrypted web payments if my email will suffice? In order to enable encrypted web payments I read that "OpenSSL must be supported by your PHP installation". I have an SSL certificate with GoDaddy; will that work?
  7. I'm adding PayPal Web Payments Standard as an option to my OS Commerce cart. Do I need to enable encrypted web payments? One would assume so. I already have an SSL certificate. Can I simply point the module settings to my existing private key and public certificate?