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  1. Thank you. Thank you Thank you. You are the man. No new files found... No deleted files found... No size differences found... No time mismatches found... No permissions mismatches found... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sitemonitor ran on September 26, 2009, 7:07 am Total mismatches found were 0 Total files being monitored is 427 Big difference. Can I assume everything is o.k. now? Thanks.
  2. Hi Jack, Thanks for the contribution. I've installed v1.8. Installation went o.k.. Under Site Monitor results it shows: NEW FILES: No new files found... DELETED FILES: No deleted files found... SIZE MISMATCH: (66) Difference found: New-> count.php Original-> 11437 (67) Difference found: New-> count_edit.php Original-> 12034 (68) Difference found: New-> count_history.php Original-> 7549 From line 66 down to line 1150. 1152) TIME MISMATCH: 1153) Time Mismatch on count.php Last Changed on 1154) Time Mismatch on count_edit.php Last Changed on 1155) Time Mismatch on count_history.php Last Changed on Down to line 2050. PERMISSIONS MISMATCH: permissions Mismatch on count.php Currently set to "0" was set to "666" permissions Mismatch on count_edit.php Currently set to "0" was set to "666" permissions Mismatch on count_history.php Currently set to "0" was set to "666" Down to line 3284 All permissions are set to 666. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sitemonitor ran on September 25, 2009, 4:50 am Total mismatches found were 3214 Total files being monitored is 1098 Results with alternate configuration: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sitemonitor ran on September 26, 2009, 5:04 am Total mismatches found were 1098 Total files being monitored is 1098 This is on localhost. . Unsure of proper configuration. Always Email: unchecked Quarantine Files: unchecked Verbose: checked Log File: checked Log File Size 100000 Delete Reference file: blank To: From: user@localhost Start Directory: ../ Admin Directory: http://localhost//renamed admin/ Admin Username: none Admin Password: none Exclude Selector: Exclude List:"renamed admin/quarantine", "admin/quarantine", "cgi-bin","admin" Any suggestion greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. What I downloaded was a zip file. If there were instructions I missed them because I never found any information specifically relating to install, and trust me I have been searching.
  4. Thanks Sam. Most or all of the information provide in the link I am aware of thanks to several of your post and other like yourself that have superior knowledge this particular system. However, none of the information detailed clarifies the installation of Security Pro 1.02.
  5. Not understanding how to install Security Pro 1.02 to osc 2.2 rc2a. As far as I got was downloading file. Using localhost for now. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Thanks.