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  1. Hi, I need the following payment methods when the customer chooses the payment method: - Invoice (14 days) - Invoice (50 days) When customer chooses the method, it does not go to any Paypal or anything like that. Every order goes to the success and oscommerce shop owner makes the billing afterwards. Where I can find such a invoice where is actually no invoicing in real time, I mean the paper invoice is sent to the customer by the shop owner in 14 days or 50 days.
  2. Got it work now. I had to set 'Enable categories cache' to false. Also did the change I posted above.
  3. Thank you for your very fast reply Jack_mcs! But I´m still having some difficulties though. My settings are: Enter special character conversions ä=>a Remove all non-alphanumeric characters? false Reset SEO URLs Cache false URLs with letter "ä" still not working... What now?
  4. How can i see letter "ä" in the urls? Or if that is not possible is it possible to get the letter "ä" to be shown as letter "a" in URL? Now ULTIMATE SEO disables all scandinavian letters and doesn´t show them.
  5. rock^

    Supertracker Development

    Another wish to customer listing. When viewing them it would be nice have a filter like "viewed products = true".
  6. rock^

    Supertracker Development

    A small wish to modification. When watching the last 10 visitors, it would be more easy to watch the last 30-50 visitors instead... Why just not list more visitors to one page? :)