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  1. verstege

    Defaultly Checked Shipping Method

    I had this "problem" too. I made the changes DRStomp said and everything was OK. Thanx
  2. does anybody know how to install the quantity price breaks contribution in the ADMIN? i have the edit_orders installed and i can make new orders in my admin... but then my system uses the normal prices.. not the prices of this contribution. also "recover carts" and "who's online" doesn't use the quantity prices. i hope someone has done this before and hopefully he/she can explain it to us on this board. thank you in forward! :D
  3. verstege

    RMA Returns error for 2.2 MS2

    GD, i tried to install the latest 2.2 version of RMA_returns contibution on a milestone 2.2 shop. it seems like the installation instructions are not good or incomplete. for now i'can't see my orders anymore, they are in the DB though but i can't see them in my admin. maybe you have a full and working installation guide for this new RMA_returns 2.2 version. thank you :P can you also say if this newer version (RMA_returns 2.2) is made for MS2.2 ?
  4. Thank you nils I did have the fix installed, but i didn't reset the cache. now everything works fine little stupid of me...
  5. I have a question about the CategoryBoxEnhancement contribution and the Multiple_Stores contribution working together. Sometimes the categories are not working like it should. please take a look at the site www.it-factor.nl/catalog and click on some categories. i just don't work good. I hope someone can help me, that would be great! :) this is the code of the Catalog/includes/boxes/categories.php file please take a look at it. I imported the scripts of both contributions, but it doesnt work... please let me know if you know the answer. greetings from holland