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  1. flyerr

    One Page Checkout Support

    thank you! It worked perfectly! :) thank you very much :D
  2. flyerr

    One Page Checkout Support

    No one has this same problem? it's driving me nuts! I think I tried every possible configuration within tax zones and rates... :(
  3. I have tried with the supplied files and although the error is gone, the popup image is still a normal browser window and I only see one image on the product description. I then used Winmerge to compare the supplied files with my own configure.php and product_info.php and the error was back (!). I have one question though, How do I insert the additional images in the product description page? I mean when I click a product, it shows my STS product template with only one clickable image ( pops up with a normal firefox window). Can you please help? thanks once again!
  4. hello spooks :) I installed v1.1.5 but it doesnt work ( no fancybox popus) . I get and error on the admin side in Catalog->categories/products which is Additional Images: Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in /home/content/55/4809155/html/admin/categories.php on line 1123 I'm using STS , oscThumb and onepagecheckout contributions ( dont know if any of those has any influence ) Could you please help me? would really like to use your contribution on my site :) thanks!
  5. flyerr

    One Page Checkout Support

    hello, I have a problem and cant seem to find help with the search tool in this forum. The tax on my products is being calculated for twice as it should. It says 20% but it calculates as if it was 40% tax... I have 1.06 version installed...should I install 1.07 to solve this problem? thank you in advance
  6. Thank you very much for the quick reply! gona try to install this :)
  7. Just a quick question: If I download the latest version 1.1.5 and follow all the install instructions will I be able to use this contribution 100% or do I need to get any other add-ons? like fancybox or lightbox for example? thanks in advance :) nice contribution!