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  1. I will try to give something back to this great community....

  2. oscarpardus

    Dates By Products AddOn Development

    Hi matt, thanks in advance for your answer. I read about Option Types, the issue there is that i need the user/client to select a date, because the idea is to sell tours within a given period of time. If i am not wrong, option types lets you configure X options via the admin, but those options remain static for the client.... Do you follow what i mean? Think im right?
  3. Dear OSC Experts, im trying to complete the development of a kind of addon started and never ended by several programmers. Here is the deal, Added a JSCRIPT Calendar in product_info.php (dates limited by js) Copy the selected date to a hidden input form field. Pass the date to the array. Show date per product in files like checkout_shipping and so Store Date in customers_basket table Store Date in orders_products table Show in reports.... Any help? DB is modified, Calendar is already working in product_info. Im having trouble to pass the date and store it, also to retrieve it... Thanks In Advance
  4. Working on a Dates per Products AddOn