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  1. svilclem

    ccbill payment module

    I have installed the ccbill dynamic pricing module on oscommerce 2.2 A client is able to checkout and their credit card is billed BUT unlike other payment modules the transaction does not complete in oscommerce. The client receives an order confirmation for their "subscription and membership" from CCBill. The client does not receive an email from oscommerce confirming the order. The store admin does not show a completed order. The stock level does not change. The client can log in to the store after ccbill has charged the credit card. When they look at their shopping cart, the previously purchased items are still sitting in the cart. Transactions and email confirmations when using the not for production credit card module do proceed as expected. This confirms that my store is configured correctly Has anyone been able to successfully use CCBill for hard goods order processing?
  2. svilclem

    error on install

    I followed the instruction to add upsxml to my implementation of oscommerce 2.2 When I go into the admin>modules>shipping and click on the UPS XML line, the install button appears to the right, as it should. When I click on install, I get this error: 1366 - Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'configuration_id' at row 1 insert into configuration ( configuration_id, configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, last_modified, date_added, use_function, set_function) values ('', 'Shipping Delay', 'MODULE_SHIPPING_UPSXML_SHIPPING_DAYS_DELAY', '1', 'How many days from when an order is placed to when you ship it (Decimals are allowed). Arrival date estimations are based on this value.', '6', '21', NULL, now(), NULL, NULL) [TEP STOP]