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  2. we need help on linking our products to our website could you please help us on this matter

  3. Chris Dunning

    UPS no rates displayed

    UPS has been saying for some time that the old method would stop working - you need to upgrade to the XML method. There's a module in the contributions section that can handle it: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri.../search,ups+xml
  4. Chris Dunning

    Where is the Authorize.net 1.7 contribution?

    The contribution was removed because it was not fully GPL compliant.
  5. Chris Dunning

    Writing a Payment Module

    I would suggest starting with either a very simple payment module (such as the check/money order module) or something that is similar to what you're trying to do. If you're building a module to connect with a new payment processor, for example, you could start with the authorize.net module. Starting with an existing module shows you the framework that you need to have and should give you an idea of what all of the functions do.
  6. EasyPopulate has some functions built in to split the file. I have no idea how well it works. If you have shell access to your server you could write a shell script to split it, I think that's what I would do.
  7. Chris Dunning

    Completely Lost

    I think you mean IPN - Instant Payment Notification?
  8. Chris Dunning

    related attributes... linda?

    Moving to the more appropriate "contributions support" channel.
  9. Chris Dunning

    UPS charges too much?

    Check the tare weight in your configuration.
  10. You need the multi-vendor shipping module, available in the contributions pages.
  11. Chris Dunning

    Lost Paypal Sales - need troubleshooting

    My idea...ditch PayPal. I've spent a lot of time going round and round with PayPal for various clients. Their IPN system can be a bit dodgy.
  12. Chris Dunning

    USPS Shipping

    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling in your admin screen? This may be necessary to reset the database values.
  13. Chris Dunning

    Multiple package shipping UPS & USPS

    The standard shipping class can split the shipment into multiple boxes based on your max shipping weight, so you could check that out and see how it's done. It should not be too hard to split the shipment into separate boxes for each product. I'm moving this post to the shipping modules forum.
  14. Chris Dunning

    Place orders in categories

    Moved to a more appropriate channel.
  15. Chris Dunning

    The best Mod for posting products in Ebay

    I've used "Automated Auction Process" before, it worked well to track my auctions and payments. If you want something that will actually post your auction items from your admin screen, I don't know of a way to do that without using eBay's API. To do that on your own will cost quite a bit of cash. There are services out there that integrate well with osCommerce and set up everything with the eBay API for a monthly fee.