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  1. bateseric

    Recover Cart Sales

    I have the same problem as Xtreme109. I install everything, and it looks like it is working perfectly. It shows my recovered carts, but when I try to sent email, the email never sends and it just refreshes my page of recovered carts. Anybody know a fix for this problem?
  2. bateseric

    Catalogue Request V1.0

    Great, I just installed this contribution and I have the same issue as Raggy. Does anyknow know of a similar contribution which will work with php5??
  3. bateseric

    Request Catalog Contribution

    Sorry, I found a thread answering my question. Please disregard this post. I would remove it, but I don't know how to.
  4. Hi, I just installed the contribution for requesting a catalog at http://addons.oscomm....com/info/2576. Everything looks fine, however, when I go to enter my information in the text boxes for the request catalog page, once I press the continue button, it comes up with an error reading that "First name must have a minimum of 2 characters, Last name must have a minimum of 2 characters, and Street address must have a minimum of 5 characters". They were all filled out correctly though. Do you know what I need to do to correct this issue? Thanks.
  5. I am looking for an oscommerce contribution which will add a less than minimum surcharge to each individual item if less than a minimum amount of that item is ordered. For example, let's say that the minimum order for widgets was a quantity of 5 on my website. If the customer orders less than 5, I would like a surcharge added to the order. I would like to customize this for most every product on my website. Please advise if you have seen or know of a contribution like this. I have seen minimum order quantity contributions, but the ones I have seen are different in that they do not allow the customer to purchase less than the minimum amount. I want to allow customers to purchase less than the minimum amount, but I want a surcharge to be added to their order if they do. Let me know. Thanks!!
  6. Hi, I am starting up a new blogging page and I downloaded a free template. This template has a calendar on the left side of it, but it is not showing the correct date. Is there a code that I can use to have the calendar automatically update? The page where I have this parked is at http://www.iphonebatterypack.com/ffgurus just in case visually seeing it makes it easier to understand what I am talking about. Thanks for the help!