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    TLS not working... once again

    I have tried some tests, that one too, but since it tests *my* servers SSL certificates, I know it will fail because I don't have SSL certificate yet installed to this site. That's why asked also, if SSL cert is required... But to my understanding this Paypal module TLS v1.2 requirement is about my servers capability to talk with a secure server (Paypal) with TLS v1.2 or higher, and to do that no SSL certificates should matter. (?)
  2. Pakkanen

    TLS not working... once again

    Noticed this a a common topic, but didn't find help from earlier conversions though. I am running the latest Phoenix version, and when trying to set up the Paypal module, the tests fail. Default setting: FAILED and TLS v1.2: FAILED. Here information from our Apache 2.4 & PHP 7 server http://www.qnet.fi/jp/hello.php Is there any reliable site/script to test the TLS connectivity from our server? Also, do I need to have a SSL cert installed in our server, for this to work?