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  1. lkarty

    PayPal help - bypass login

    I'm not sure what you mean? Does this mean i need to purchase something from the author of "Express Checkout" or do I have to pay the $20 a month to Paypal for Website Pro? It says in the contributions that you need WPP ---- are you the author? Thanks so much!
  2. lkarty

    ANY Paypal mod work?

    Is there a version that works with Website Payments Standard? I need something that bypasses customer login in oscommerce and goes directly to payal....help...please
  3. lkarty

    PayPal help - bypass login

    I have tried several different Contributions and cannot find the correct one or have missed something ! Please help! I am pulling my hair out - I am willing to donate to the contribution that works correctly. I need to set-up a Paypal or Purchase without account option that requires the least amount of effort on the customer end. Here is what I need: Checkout linked directly to Paypal - the customer has to enter NO information before entering PayPal. (the shopping cart is directly linked to paypal - without setting up an account - the only thing that needs to be transferred is the contents of the shopping cart) How do I do this? All the contributions I have found require the customer to fill out information before being taken to paypal - Even the "purchase without account" contribution requires the customer to fill out information before being able to checkout. If a customer already has a paypal account - why would the vendor need them to fill out information on their site? It seems redundant and bothersome for the customer. Pleas let me know if there is something out there!
  4. lkarty

    Add a field to Easy Populate?

    so where are the 3 places that changes must be made?
  5. lkarty

    Easy Populate

    have that same problem !
  6. lkarty

    Easy Populate

    I had that problem and I had to go through the easypopulate.php file and remove the fields that listed 'p.products_master' It worked to download the database, but now I cannot upload. Now i have a problem with 'products_status' listed as a field twice.