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  1. Okay. I'll try to answer everyone's questions.


    First, End: The "Choose a product" dropdown is populated by using the products_to_categories table. You may either be selecting a category that is empty, or your tables are set up differently. Keep in mind that in most stores, products are assigned to only a specific category. So, for instance, let's say you had the category "Books." However, you have a ton of books, so you don't really assign any products to just "Books." Instead, you create sub-categories like "Science Fiction," "Romance," and "Non-Fiction." And you assign books to those specific categories.


    Now, if you select the "Books" category when adding a product, you won't see any books, because all the products are in their specific categories, so you'd need to select "Science Fiction" or "Romance" or "Non-Fiction" to be able to see any products.


    Just a thought. I don't know if that's right or not. If you're still having trouble, send another message.


    cgchris99: Yes, I've already added plans to make a "Create Order" tool, based on this one. However, I need to make sure we've got the tax problems fixed first. Otherwise, international stores aren't going to be able to create orders without having to do some major tweaks to the tax.


    As for the mods in the screenshot, not really. They aren't "add-ons" - rather, they're modifications to the existing code. And I can foresee all sorts of trouble when people replace their existing orders.php with my modified one. However, I can tell you HOW to add each flag. (I later noticed that in osC 2.2, that one "note" icon is already set to take you to the details screen)




    Regarding Wish #1, yes, I'm sure I could incorporate something like that. I don't know if I can put it in the next release, though.


    Wish #2: I'm not sure what you mean. Please explain a bit better.


    Wish #3: CC is correct. There wasn't enough room to have 3 sets of address tables next to each other. I agree that it did look better the other way, though. <shrug> Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be.



    - ) when i push the "edit" button, the article price is displayed without tax, the sub-sum with tax. then, when i push the "refresh" button without changing anything, the sub-sum is displayed without tax.  


    the shipping costs and cod fees are displayed with tax every time, and the shipping cost tax is added twice.. :S


    Is there any way I could access your store admin to see this? I realize that it would involve trusting me with your data, but I promise I won't try to screw anything up. :)


    To All Having Problems With Tax, Especially International Stores: Right now, the tax is being calculated just based on a flat rate for shipping, and an individual percentage for each item. I'll need to be able to find out specifically how you want the tax processed. This may mean giving me some sort of access to your store, along with a description of how the tax is correctly calculated in your store/checkout. Send me a PM or an e-mail if you want me to take a look.




  2. Also, for anyone who's using a mod that "randomizes" the order ID into a alphanumeric string like AZ12345, here's how to make the mod work (forum member "chfields" just tested it):


    Open up the edit_orders.php file and replace all instances of:








    I probably won't make this a permanent fix. The osC crew put the (int) cast function in there for a reason, so I'll leave it in there, but add instructions to future versions on how to fix the above problem.


    - Jonathan

  3. Hmmm, line 29 is a bunch of comments. However, line 129 is close to a line that refers to the comments field.


    Are you using osC 2.1 by any chance?


    Open the file in notepad or your editor, and go to line 124, which should begin with: orders_status = ......


    Delete the comma near the end, go down to line 128 (should start with $UpdateOrders), and add the comma right after the first quote and before the word "comments", so it looks like:


    $UpdateOrders .= ", comments = '" . tep_db_input($comments) . "'";


    Save and upload the file and see if that works. If so, let me know and I'll upload a "1.2b" version with that compatibility fix.


    - Jonathan

  4. Okay, a bunch more fixes and additions are here. It's been a busy day for releases and patches.


    Version 1.2


    - Updated instructions and added some more recommendations.


    - Corrected the bug in which the "Billing Address" fields would update the "Customer" fields.


    - Added separate "Billing Address" fields, along with compatibility for osC 2.1 (which didn't have separate billing address info)


    - Added "Company" and "Suburb" fields to each address section to make them "complete."


    - Added ability to add auto-calculated "Tax" entry to the order total.


    - Added option for taxing shipping via a variable near the top of the script.


    - First (and hopefully last) fix for currency formatting. It used to only calculate using U.S. dollars (how ethno-centric of me...).


    - Some additional, but minor bug fixes and corrections.


    Feedback, comments, requests, bug reports, etc... are more than welcome.


    - Jonathan

  5. LV0805039?


    Are you sure that's the right Order ID? Normally, order IDs are only numbers, like 4224, 92712, 5, or 98... It gets generated from an auto-incrementing field in your database.


    Are you using a contribution or some sort of customized modification that creates special Order IDs? I just checked out from your page and it gave me an order ID of OX0808038


    I would use a database editor/viewer like phpMyAdmin or MySQLFront to connect to your database and see if you can find the numeric order ID. There has to be one there somewhere (if the mod had COMPLETELY changed the Order ID system, you wouldn't get a message saying the order didn't exist). Then, once you find the numeric order ID, change your link/code to use that order ID instead of the specialized/customized one.


    - Jonathan

  6. What do you all think about not automatically adding the tax field? Instead, if the tax field is there already, it gets updated.


    If it isn't there, you have the option of inserting a blank-value, new order total item named "Tax:" - which will then be auto-updated with the sum of the products' tax and shipping tax (if the shipping tax is enabled)?


    For example, if you have:

    Sub-Total: $x.00

    Shipping: $y.00

    Total: $z.00


    and you add an entry inbetween Shipping and Total that looked like:

    Sub-Total: $x.00

    Shipping: $y.00


    Total: $z.00


    ... upon clicking Update, the Tax: field would be calculated with the appropriate taxes and filled in. Would that work for everyone?


    - Jonathan

  7. Okay, so I added v1.1. It doesn't include everything just yet - I uploaded it before JB posted that note, and it doesn't fix the tax issue just yet. But it does make the mod more usable. Here are the notes:


    - Added status editing (fixed order status bug from 1.0).


    - Added comments editing. (with compatibility for osC 2.1)


    - Added customer notifications.


    - Added some additional information to the instructions file.


    - Fixed bug with product names containing single quotes.


    I added my own recommendation for where to have a new "edit" button, but it's not as extensive as JB's recommendations.


    I don't think I will add his suggestion of changing edited orders to Processing, though. It's good for a lot of people, but there are still a lot of people that won't want to use it like that. There may also be instances in which orders that are already processed and maybe even delivered may want to update the invoice. You don't want people to double-deliver an order because Delivered got changed back to Processing.


    My original store has a LOT of custom mods, so I had to strip down this contribution to make it compatible with the default settings (i.e. take out tracking numbers, product and option weights, etc...), but it should be easy to re-add anything you need.


    However, while this isn't really related to this contribution, here are some ideas that I've implemented and found extremely useful:


    I've found that having a "paid" database flag/field is helpful, especially when people are sending in checks or money orders, or when credit cards aren't processed during checkout. Currently, I have that paid flag, and in my orders list, if an order is paid for, I have a $ sign next to the order.


    I also use the Overlib Javascript library to allow me to view the comments right from the order list. Here's a partial screenshot of my orders list.




    Some of those are real time-savers. I've also added a "cancelled" status so that I can keep track of how many orders are cancelled instead of just deleting them.


    Just some ideas. I'll keep watching this thread for more opinions on the tax.


    - Jonathan

  8. The status issue will be fixed and the new version will be available in a couple hours. In the meantime, it seems like there's a lot of different ways to apply tax. Some people put it in the sub-total, some put it above the sub-total, some put it below shipping, etc...


    In my own store, new orders have a Tax order total line that appears above the Sub-Total (I don't tax shipping). Would most prefer to have a tax field added after the shipping line that has ALL The tax? Or how do you want it shown?


    - Jonathan

  9. I've found the easiest way of "hooking" this into the admin system is via the order details page. At the top of the order details page, there's a "back" button - I just copy the code for this, and change the HREF. There's already a "edit order" graphic, too, so you can use that.


    That way, if I need to edit an order, I just go to that order's details page, click on "edit order" and presto, I'm in the editing mode.


    This contribution SHOULD work in any 2.2 version, and possibly 2.1.


    - Jonathan