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  1. Amazon Juggernaut

    I realized that our own system from 2008 is customized to such a degree that it is impossible for me to share our own Amazon MWS implementation. Instead, I created a simple example from scratch using the core OsC products table where I synch a product's quantity from OsCommerce to Amazon via an API call. It is a start. This example uses a product without attributes for simplicity. You will need to manually create a database table and copy/paste PHP code to run through this tutorial. And you need to be a seller on Amazon and to be registered as a developer to go through these steps. Please, while following this tutorial, only list ASINs for sale on Amazon that you are actually selling, please do not blindly list the product listed in this tutorial unless you have it in stock and you are ready to ship it. Amazon does not have a sandbox environment, the system you are interfacing with is live. If the audience here finds this useful I'll go ahead and create a similar tutorial for downloading orders from Amazon to OsCommerce. With that said, Amazon offers its own PHP library that you can download and learn how to use. OsCommerce-Inventory-Synchronization-with Amazon-via-MWS-API.docx
  2. Amazon Juggernaut

    @Dan Cole Not forgotten. I'm busy wrapping up another project in my primary line of work. This weekend, Aug 6th and onward, I'll get working on this. @greasemonkeyHave you considered going for seller fulfilled prime?
  3. Amazon Juggernaut

    @ArtcoInc @greasemonkey @Dan Cole Alright. Let me take a look at what I got and think of a way to share this in a meaningful way. It's built with a couple of php classes and sitting on top of a heavily customized version of OsC. This will not be a drop in solution, so some motivation and technical work on the receivers end will be required, I think. I can't promise anything this week, but I'll start looking into sharing code and guidelines to make this work for you. Expect two functionalities: 1) Synching your OsC inventory with Amazon, QTPro supported and 2) Downloading Amazon orders to OsC with inventory update. In the mean time, get your credentials in order: https://developer.amazonservices.com
  4. Amazon Juggernaut

    @greasemonkey I wrote the code to interact with Amazon MWS (Amazon Marketplace Web Services) directly from our OsC shop. If anyone is interested, I can share the details.
  5. Amazon Juggernaut

    Nice thread here. If you can't beat them, join them. And neither you or I can't beat Amazon. For the last few months we've integrated our OsCommerce shop with Amazon. We haven't added a single SKU to Amazon's catalog, we have just added our SKUs price and quantity to existing Amazon ASIN (Amazon Standard ID Number ) listings, that is how Amazon works. The barrier to successfully enter the Amazon market - meaning getting a couple of sales at least, a pulse - is far lower than for instance eBay (where we also started selling recently), where buyers will scrutinize a new seller to a much higher degree. On Amazon, I actually think many or buyers believe Amazon is the actual seller and if you're listing your inventory against products with already good reviews, you sort of inherit those products' trust. We're now using several Amazon MWS APIs to synch our inventory, download Amazon orders etc into OsCommerce, so far so good. We did the same with eBay btw. We got approved for Seller Fulfilled Prime not long ago and it has helped our sales quite a bit, it wasn't that hard to get approved, just ship your stuff on time every time. Based on this experience, I think multi-channel is the way to go, your local osCommerce shop, brick and mortar, eBay, Amazon and what else? I would encourage everyone here to create an account with Amazon, get approved in the category your sell and see if you can manually list a couple of products there. Try it out. Just be careful, Amazon does not favor sellers that are unable to fulfill orders or ship late. Read the Amazon forums for sellers complaining over and crying about being suspended for not upholding their merchant metrics.
  6. New Payflow requirement: TLS 1.2 & HTTP/1.1

    Looks like it is pushed out again. https://www.paypal-knowledge.com/infocenter/index?page=content&id=FAQ1914 "UPDATEWhile we are allowing for these security updates to be made after June 30, 2017, we continue to recommend that you prioritize the changes and updated protocols specified by the PCI Council so you are best positioned to protect your customers from security and fraud-related issues." https://blog.pcisecuritystandards.org/migrating-from-ssl-and-early-tls "The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) is extending the migration completion date to 30 June 2018 for transitioning from SSL and TLS 1.0 to a secure version of TLS (currently v1.1 or higher)."
  7. Header Tags SEO

    Thanks for a great contribution! I've tried to search the forum prior to posting this question. Is there a way to add the page number to the title tag for product listings where there are more than one page worth of products? I'm trying to avoid duplicate title tags. Currently, the title tags are all "Manufacturer XYZ" for the following URLs for product listing (for a selected manufacturer): /manufacturer_xyz.html?page=1 /manufacturer_xyz.html?page=2 /manufacturer_xyz.html?page=3 I'm on v3.1.7. Thanks!
  8. fast easy checkout

    I'm also having problems with FEC and Discount Coupons. They seem incompatible out of the box and I'm trying to reinstate the functionality of my coupons. I see that checkout_payment.php is bypassed in the filenames.php file (I think after FEC mod). I've moved the contents for the discount contribution to the checkout_shipping file to make the input portion execute. It does "pick up", but nothing else executes or recomputes the total value of the order. I seem to be getting 'coupon_code' registered through the input box but in the checkout_confirmation.php file all the three following checks fail: if (isset($_POST['coupon_code']) && !empty($_POST['coupon_code']) && (!tep_session_is_registered('coupon_code')) ) { If anyone made this stuff work together, please throw a hint in this direction :)