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  1. Janovetz

    Authorize.net Gateway problem

    That is strange -- we ended up switching shopping carts and the error went away. The new shopping cart used the same Auth.net settings. Cards went through just fine. It seems specific to osC.
  2. Janovetz

    Authorize.net Gateway problem

    Interesting... I came up with a better option -- I switched shopping carts. While I like the idea of open source osC, the mantra holds true -- "it's only free if you value your time at nothing". I'm being a bit harsh, but the struggle of installing even basic "plugins" by hand-making 30 modifications to PHP code that had already been changed three or four times for other "plugins" was really starting to take a toll on my sanity. I had hoped that the new revs of osC would be out by now, but it seems we're stuck with 2.2MS2 until the White Sox win the ... er..
  3. Janovetz

    Authorize.net Gateway problem

    Just today, I started having troubles with Authorize.net, too. No credit card requests seem to be sent to Authorize.net (i.e., the help folks there couldn't find -any- transactions posted from today). After checkout, I get redirected back to the payment form with a red notice that says (vaguely): "There has been an error processing your credit card. Please try again." Nothing on the site has changed in months. Any ideas? How do I access the error returned from Authorize.net? The folks there said they couldn't help me without this information and it seems osC doesn't maintain a log of this.
  4. Janovetz

    Paypal credit card problems

    Which PayPal IPN contribution is the recommended one? On the list, there are 10 PayPal modules, five of which say IPN. I would guess "PayPal IPN v0.981 for Milestone 2" since it is the most recent, but I wanted to make sure. Cheers, Jake (If you're in the U.S.A., vote. If not, pray we don't mess this one up)
  5. Janovetz

    PayPal has problems this week

    Are you folks still having trouble? Any word from PayPal? Is this their issue? Which IPN module is the most capable/up-to-date/robust ?
  6. Which PayPal module? There are 11 listed. (6 say IPN)
  7. I can at least verify that I'm in the same boat. This has happened to me twice over the weekend (my store is very low-traffic). In one case, the order did not even register within osC. In another case, the order registered as Pending, but I never received an email. Sorry, I don't have a solution. Jake
  8. Janovetz

    PayPal has problems this week

    I'm having a problem with PayPal purchases, but I don't know that it is with PayPal. I'm getting a payment confirmation from PayPal, but I'm -NOT- getting an order confirmation from the online store. In one case, the order was not listed in my 'pending orders' section. In another, it was listed as a pending order. In both cases, I have not received a sales confirmation email from osC. Any ideas? Jake
  9. Janovetz

    Authorize.net with CVV

    In addition, what is the 'proper' (best) Authorize.net module to use? The Consolidated one? The one built-in to MS2?
  10. Janovetz

    Authorize.net with CVV

    What module is suggested for using CVV with Authorize.net under osC 2.2MS2? The contrib module claims to be configured for MS1. Jake
  11. Hello- Can someone tell me the best way to add the accepted credit card icons to the payment page? I accept Visa & Mastercard through Authorize.net, but the module doesn't display these icons (of course). The module also responds with a relatively cryptic error message when a card number is entered for a card type that isn't accepted. Just curious how other folks display the icons. I considered just doing it below the 'information box' on the left column, but would prefer to display them next to "Authorize.net" on the payment page. Suggestions? Jake
  12. Hello- I'm still trying to wrap my head around the payment options. Is there a FAQ or rundown of this stuff? I'd like to take credit cards on my site, but make it look as professional as possible. If I understand correctly, I can setup a merchant account with someone like http://www.freeauthnet.com which will also setup an account with Authorize.net. Then, on my site: + osC takes the credit card info and sends it to Authorize.net + Authorize.net sends back approve/deny. + Upon approval, Authorize.net approves the transfer of $ to the merchant account. + The merchant account deposits the $ into my checking account. They (freeauthnet) charges a discount rate of 2.19% anda transaction fee of $0.25. So, if I sell something to someone for $100, their card gets charged $100 and my checking account sees a deposit of $100 - $2.44 = $97.56. Is this correct? Once my account is setup with freeauth.net, I can use the Authoize.net module with osC, correct? Now, there is a list of Authorize.net resellers on their page. How does one choose among them? How do folks choose among the various gateways (such as Authoize.net) ? Cheers, Jake