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  1. atvrocks

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Actually I did it .... I changed upsxml.php to: if ($_type) $methods[] = array('id' => $basetype, 'title' => $_type, 'cost' => (($this->handling_fee * ($this->items_qty))) + $cost);
  2. atvrocks

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    I have UPS XML installed for the past two months and it works fine. Or almost fine. All the products that I ship require additional handling (having irregular shapes) - $8 in UPS books. I cannot increase the price onsite with $8 because I would be no more competitive ... however - the UPS module handling charge goes per total cart - not per item. IS there any way that I can change this - or even hard code - to add $8/item ? Thank you so much for your help - I realy need this.
  3. atvrocks

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    Hello, I installed this contribution in conjunction with Simple Multiple Images (Unlimited) with Fancy Popups V1.3.2 While I was succesfull installing the contributions - the oscThumb does NOTHING. As a matter of fact - the Multiple Images contib. stops working, in terms that the thumbs stays the same - they do not "expand", nothing happened when I click on them. Can someone please explain what should I do? Thank you
  4. Sam, Totally weird ... I went and restore and reinstall your contribution .... I went and changed the permision on the Image folder for the IUSR_*** to FULL and that made it working (I don't know if this is OK or not) .... I get a success upload and also a: Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: Permission denied in E:************************\admin\includes\classes\upload.php on line 98 Line 98 is: chmod($this->destination . $this->filename, $this->permissions); By any chance - do you have any ideea how can I fix this? I google it for the past 3 hours with no answer. Thank you
  5. Sam, You're right ... I restore to the previous and it does the same ... I cannot imagine WHY .... The server that I have osCommerce installed ... I have only access to it via the control panel ... I have no ideea what requires to upgrade to the latest OSC ... I know is not in the topic - but can I do it from the file manager - or I need more access to the server ? Thank you --Remy
  6. Sam, Beautiful contribution .... it took me a while to decide which one to install ... I installed everything very carefully and I can say that it works from the first shot. The existing (single) images that I have right now are "expanding" ... beautiful thing. However (is that too right:() - I cannot upload images not even the traditional way - first image ... I am getting: I replaced with ******* for obvious reasons ... Warning: move_uploaded_file(E:\**************/images/DSC_0006.JPG) [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in E:\***********************\admin\includes\classes\upload.php on line 96 Warning: move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]: Unable to move 'C:\WINDOWS\Temp\phpB6A8.tmp' to 'E:\********************httpdocs/******/images/DSC_0006.JPG' in E:\*********\httpdocs\********\admin\includes\classes\upload.php on line 96 I understansd that this might be a permision issue ... - however, thsi was working fine BEFORE - why doesn't work now? Also - I changed the permision on the folders /catalog/images thru control panel for teh ftp to be able to change permisions - with no results. I am using Windows hosting. OSC 2.2 ms2 Please help, I realy like this contributions Thank you
  7. atvrocks

    What PayPal works good with 2.2ms2

    Hello, I am running osCommerce 2.2ms2-24 I have the UPS (w/dimensions) shipping solutions that works great I do have a business account with PayPal I do NOT have SSL in my site I am wondering if someone can tell me what version of PayPal Express or Standard would work and an exact download link. I was trying without success to install http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5687/v,22 and I was getting 10736 error and no one here could or would help me. So - I beg you, I need a solution that works. I am over a week behind with my site and my customers are chewing me. Thank you --Remy
  8. atvrocks

    Paypal Express - ERRORCODE: 10736

    I google it too and I read every single article there. None has pertinent information about it. Most of it is for the zen cart if you can observe. In this contribution there is no "debug" feature and I cannot figure how to see what is getting sent to PayPal.
  9. atvrocks

    Paypal Express - ERRORCODE: 10736

    Well ... can't have over 20 addresses wrong - including mine. It it something else ...
  10. atvrocks

    Paypal Express - ERRORCODE: 10736

    Can I get some help here, PLEASE ! I stop releasing the new website and I am getting "hurt" by the people because I can't keep my promise. PLEASE !
  11. atvrocks

    Paypal Express - ERRORCODE: 10736

    So I can't get anyone's input here ?
  12. atvrocks

    Paypal Express - ERRORCODE: 10736

    Hello, Is been 3-4 days since I've been playing with this issue and I just can't get to the bottom of it. I did Google adn read every article out there but it just seems that I cannot fix the problem. What I'm getting is: --------------- ERROR: TIMESTAMP: 2009-11-04T20:16:56Z ACK: FAILURE SHORTMESSAGE: SHIPPING ADDRESS INVALID CITY STATE POSTAL CODE LONGMESSAGE: A MATCH OF THE SHIPPING ADDRESS CITY, STATE, AND POSTAL CODE FAILED. ERRORCODE: 10736 --------------- The API settings in the module are correct - I did reenter them just in case. While in checkout - if I have to clich the "other" button "Check now with PayPal" without creating an account - it works. What am I doing wrong? Appreciate your help, Thank you
  13. atvrocks

    PayPal Express

    Hello, Can someone recomend a FULL version of PayPal Express module that works corectly with 2.2 ms2. I finally fot the install to the point that I like and would be a shame to ruin it :) Thank you
  14. atvrocks

    PayPal install question

    I am trying to install PayPal IPN for ms2. Can someone in this forum please help me with a link where to download the right working version? I've been serching for days and all what I found was http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2679 However - this is so confusing ... this is in german, the last upgrade 3.0.2 is incomplete - what a joke. It just seems that anyone uploads different versions. Again - please someone help me with a IPN version that works Thank you
  15. atvrocks

    PayPal install question

    Hello, I've been trying to install PayPal for a while now .... I always had issues - so I can say that is definetely not your out of the box ready installed. I was not lucky with any Standard, Express or IPN .... maybe because I didnt; use the right version ????? Looking at the contribution site where are a million versions of the same program in different languages - very confusing. My question would be: I run osCommerce 2.2-MS2 .... What version is the less customizable one and if you can provide the link to where I can download it would be great. Thank you