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  1. Never mind, I solved it by turning the cache settings off :).
  2. Hi Jack, Quick question. I've installed the latest version of the add-on on this site : http://www.brophies.com/ . If you will look at the URL's in the left column (the categories) you can see that the url is created only like -c-category id. Same goes for products. The thing is that if I click on one of those links it will actually go to the right url where the category/product name is also displayed. So I'm not really getting if I should change something or if this is a bug ? Or at least could you point me to what function I should check in seo.class.php ? I have some php knowledge but not a lot. Thanks, Lucian
  3. Yes I know. The problem is that I am basically upgrading the site from an older custom made shopping cart to Oscommerce and it used to have that structure for the URL. Basically I tried for example to modify this function : function get_all_category_names($cID, $cName){ $parArray = array(); //get all of the parrents $this->GetParentCategories($parArray, $cID); foreach ($parArray as $parentID) { $sql = "SELECT LOWER(categories_name) as parentName FROM ".TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION." cd WHERE categories_id = '".(int)$parentID."' AND cd.language_id = '".(int)$this->languages_id."' LIMIT 1"; $result = $this->DB->FetchArray( $this->DB->Query( $sql ) ); $cName = $result['parentName'] . '/' . $cName; //build the new string } return $this->strip(str_replace(" ", "/", $cName)); } However even though I removed the - that used to be here and have put / instead, it still doesn't display the /. I also removed the - from some other functions across the file. However still the same thing. I'm not really sure but is there some kind of security check that basically stops that character ? Thank you, Lucian
  4. Hi Jack, I have a simple question. I am trying to make the URL's display as catalog/hardware/dvd/productname, instead of the usual catalog-hardware-dvd-productname . I tried to use the option from the admin panned Enter special character conversions. If I change - to absolutely anything but /, it works. Do you have any idea why this is ? Regards, Lucian