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  1. Back on the big project...

  2. Feeling the stress today

  3. Have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard.....

  4. importing products, trying to anyway!

  5. Hi James, osCommerce is "friendly" with MySQL in so much as it needs it. In terms of maximum database size, that is only limited by the hardware you are running and the limiitations of MySQL, typically around 4TB on x64 hardware running Linux, of course this could be extended if a seperate database could be made for customers/orders/products etc. I have 40,000 products and it works fine.

  6. It would be handy to know what solved it to save needless posting in the future :)
  7. Its ok, I've sorted the problem. What it was, the version I downloaded had the file batch_print.php in the languages directory, the variables needed copying and pasting to english.php. Sorted! Now to tidy up the layout of the invoice :)
  8. OK the plot thickens. I start changing lines on batch_print.php from: require(BATCH_PRINT_INC . 'batch_print_header.php''); require(BATCH_PRINT_INC . 'batch_print_body.php'); require(BATCH_PRINT_INC . 'batch_print_footer.php'); to: require('/var/www/admin/includes/modules/batch_print/batch_print_header.php'); require('/var/www/admin/includes/modules/batch_print/batch_print_body.php'); require('/var/www/admin/includes/modules/batch_print/batch_print_footer.php'); and batch_print_body.php from: $directory = BATCH_PRINT_INC . 'templates'; to: $directory = '/var/www/admin/includes/modules/batch_print/templates'; and I managed to get the form on screen, but it looks odd, all the form fields are not in their friendly names i.e. HEADING_TITLE, TEXT_CHOOSE_TEMPLATE, TEXT_ORDER_NUMBERS_RANGES etc and when I submit the form I get: Not Found The requested URL /admin/BATCH_PRINT_FILE was not found on this server. So I guess my attempted workaround is no good, has anyone spotted something I am doing wrong?
  9. Hi all, I have installed Batch Print Center to the letter (at least I think) but get the following errors: Warning: require(BATCH_PRINT_INCbatch_print_header.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/admin/batch_print.php on line 140 Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'BATCH_PRINT_INCbatch_print_header.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in /var/www/admin/batch_print.php on line 140 Any ideas? I have double-checked the file locations, but canot see what is wrong. Using Batch Print Center 3.11 01-12-2005. Thanks, Mike
  10. a1200

    UK - Secure Trading Module Required

    I just got this working on a site I am developing. Some advice of my own, as it wasn't straightforward for me either. IF you read this entire thread, and IF you read all the documents that come with the ST Ability contribution and IF you read the callback notes on the SecueTrading website, I think you will be fine. I needed one call to the ST helpdesk and the guy there spotted the hidden value for oscsid on the form.html missing, and vola, everything now works as it should. Good luck. I have been using ST for many years now (using their more advanced XPay system) and they give a really personal service (even met some of them at Internet World). It would be nice one day to develop an XPay module for osCommerce, but for now the ST Ability contribution does work well, despite us having the odd glitch in getting it up and running but its worth it to deal with ST who are UK based and actually answer the phone without all that "press 1 for... press 2 for..." Mike
  11. a1200

    Secure Trading

    Hi, I just got this working, the site I was working on had this problem if Force Cookies was on. You should try that first. Also make sure the hidden form value for oscsid in form.html is there, i.e: <input type="hidden" name="oscsid" value="$oscsid"/> It's a good feeling when it goes through. The guys on the ST help desk are good, and will help you as much as they can too - after all, if it works, they get your money! Ta, Mike
  12. a1200

    UK Payment Processors independent advice

    Regardless of cost, years ago (circa 2005-6), I told our bank we were processing Internet payments offline and they were not best pleased. It defies so many PCI compliance rules. If you do go down that route (which being a consumer as well as a trader I know people do), I would tell your bank they are phone orders. Thinking about it, I think "cardholder not present" transactions actually carry a higher rate as they are not protected by chip and pin (offline) or 3DSecure (online), so you might actually SAVE money doing proper online payment processing. Although, with the bank taking their "cut" and the merchant gateway taking theirs, it does sometimes feel like a protection racket! Saying that, on one of my store's turnover £3M+, we only pay a combined rate of around 2%, so there is encouragement to do more to save more!
  13. a1200


    Neal, The contribution can be found here. Most of the instructions and suchlike are contained within the contrubution, with some good tips on the thread here.