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  1. kittycat01

    Super Simple Checkout Upsell Contrib?

    Ahh OK :) Thank you for all your help, Kitty :)
  2. kittycat01

    Super Simple Checkout Upsell Contrib?

    Hi again! That's magic, thank you :D I don't want to be a pain, but is it easy for this to appear in a box, with an add to basket button? With an image of the product? I am probably asking a lot of your time, so if this is a problem don't worry! You have set me off in the right direction! Thanks again! Kitty :D
  3. kittycat01

    Super Simple Checkout Upsell Contrib?

    Hi! Thanks for replying! There's actually only one product I need to promote at checkout you see - it's not related to any items that have been purchased, I want to offer the one item to every customer, and it doesn't matter what they're purchasing... I just basically want it to say "here do you want to buy this, too?" - I am planning on offering the product listed at a cheaper price you see... Mayhaps I'm misusing the term "upsell" - my idea is a little less complicated than arrays and conflicting upsells! (I thought!) Thanks anyway for getting back to me. Kitty :)
  4. Hi all! I'm looking for a really simple upsell module/contribution - all I need it to do is recommend a product (as defined by me in some way) to the customer before they finish checking out, and give them the ability to add it to the order/total. So for example, if they had got to the payment options page, a pop up or info box would show saying "hey would you like to buy this other product?" I hope that makes sense... I don't really need any other types of cross-selling stuff you see, just this simple upsell bit at checkout. If anyone has any ideas or can suggest a simple contribution that would be awesome! Thanks! Kitty :)
  5. kittycat01

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Hi there, this conrtib has been installed on a site I'm working on and I have a few questions which I hope aren't too annoying! Firstly, is there a way I can use a different URL for posts rather than using the page title? It's just that the page titles are long and therefore so are the URLs. If an extra field could be added where I could define a different URL that would be great (or even to take out "stop words") (eg page title "Why I Love Cats So Much and Think They're Great" and URL "Why-Cats-Are-Great-i-12.html") Also, when I've tried making a parent page, and then asigned child pages to it - nothing seems to happen. If I go to the parent page it's just blank. If someone could please point me to an example site to show me how this is supposed to work I would be very greatful. I don't know if it's not working because I don't understand how it functions, or because whoever installed the contrib didn't do so properly. Thank you! Kitty :christmas_tree:
  6. kittycat01

    Social Media Module confusion

    Thanks Chris - Installed Version: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.1 Also wondering if the upgrades available via version checker in admin are worth doing/easy with a heavily modded store? Anyway, absolutely in love with the new OSC, it looks so great, especially the admin, the extras are brill. Thanks, Kitty :)
  7. Hi there, I'm helping a friend with their store which is a massively modded version of oscommerce... I used to run a store using oscommerce but it was v2.2-ms2 so the built-in social media module wasn't included. The thing is, they have the social media module turned on in admin, yet I can't see it anywhere displayed on the site, and I because I have no experience with this v. of OSC I have no idea where the buttons are supposed to display, or where the code lives. I think I read something about the Tell a Friend box being converted in a box for these SM buttons - is that right? The thing is, the site I'm helping with doesn't have that box anymore, as mentioned previously, it's massively modded and changed beyond the original OSC format/design. Is there an easy way to get the social media buttons to be displayed on the product_info.php? Probably not an easy job but I thought I'd ask! Thanks, Kitty :)
  8. kittycat01

    16777216 bytes Error for PDF Catalog Contrib

    For anybody who ends up reading this, perhaps having the same problem - I didn't get a reply on these boards but did figure the problem out. I was correct in my assumption that the memory being referred to in this error message is in fact server RAM rather than server hard disk space. Because I share the server my site is hosted on (as most people do) this RAM cannot be "upgraded" - rather I would have to pay for my own, dedicated server, which is obviously way too expensive for a small business like mine (looking at about £80 / month minimum) I hope this helps somebody in the future. Kitty.
  9. Hi there, If anyone can help I would be grateful. I've just installed the PDF Catalog contribution and when I go to the Admin section and click the "Generate Catalog(s)" link to create my PDF catalogs, I get the following error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1048559 bytes) in .../public_html/store/admin/pdf_fpdf.php on line 1686 I have looked through this forum and I am guessing this is actually a problem with how much memory my server / hosting service will give me? Is there anyway of changing this? Server seems to be MySQL 4.1.20 and PHP 5.2.6 Linux if any of that helps. Any help I can get would be appreciated. I also want to note that I have a LOT of items for sale on my store - 1225 different items right now, so I guess this could also a be a big problem?! Thanks in advance.