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  1. No and it couldn't work....I have several zones depending on the province in Canada. But I corrected the problem myself. I replaced the code which is retrieving the state from the Paypal API by the code used for user account creation, this code corrects the wrong "Zone" spelling....and it did work. I will post the exact modif soon. Thank you your reply about the zones really put me on the right track!
  2. Thank you Satish! That's exactly my case, is there any solution? ( My taxes are dependant on the province in Canada.)
  3. Hi Guys, I gave up on my first Paypal Express Checkout module implementation, and I gave a try to , another Paypal Express Checkout. I successfully implemented it but I still have the same issue when the customer is checking out without registering NO TAXES are applied? (I even tried to implement some taxes settings in my Paypal profile - no success there either) What I'm doing wrong? Thank you, Jerome M.
  4. I had the exact same issue...I called Paypal many times without any success, the only solution I found was to install the Paypal IPN works now! Good luck!
  5. Just implement Paypal Express Checkout, and it will look like this!
  6. Well I fact that contribution is EXTREMELY simple to install even the DB part is automatically created by the module itself..... I noticed some issues with taxes with the release 2.22, 2.23 is supposed to have fixed them (I installed 2.24). I guess the problems are not all fixed?! Is there any workaround? fix? Other similar payment module?
  7. Hi, I switched to this Payment module for about 2 weeks, it's working fine when people are going through the regular checkout process, but if they chose Paypal Express Checkout (without registering on my website), then the taxes are not calculated? (I'm located in QC, CANADA). Is there any fix for that? Thank you, Jerome M.
  8. Agreed! I have the same issue for 2 or 3 weeks now! Some invoices can't be paid?! I called them, they told me it's a known issue and they are working at solving it but without any ETA!!! The only solution I found was to switch to IPN payments...They seem unaffected by the problem?!!?