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  1. Does this add-on work for OSCommerce version 2.3.1? Thanks in advance,
  2. Problem solved, had one file missing. Is there any way to change the speed of how quickly an image appears? I'd prefer it to be a little slower. Thanks in advance, Yousef
  3. Hi Jim, Every time i try editing the option for the scroller in the admin panel, it won't let me. I click the Edit button and then it doesn't do anything. How would i fix this? Thanks in advance, Yousef
  4. Is there any way to add a border around the banner? Also, can text be added to the banner to show what the banner is displaying on a certain image? Thanks in advance, Yousef
  5. Thank you very much for your help. Very useful manual guide, height was adjusted within seconds. Regards, Yousef
  6. Thanks Jim, i'll take a look and let you know whether I've managed to adjust the height. Regards, Yousef
  7. Hi Jim, Great add-on! Easy to use and a simple installation. I was wondering whether it's possible to change the height of the banner, if so, how would i go about achieving this? Thanks in advance, Yousef