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  1. hamuskinny

    Customer Testimonials v1.0

    Ok Brain Fart. I didnt finish my coffee yet :) Scratch that last comment.
  2. hamuskinny

    Customer Testimonials v1.0

    Double checked the DB and the only thing I see different than in the SQL file is that the primary type isnt set to MyISAM. The only options I have for it are Primary, Index, Unique and fulltext. Could thi sbe an issue?
  3. hamuskinny

    Customer Testimonials v1.0

    Thanks Bill, I've tried everything. Could be something done by another mod she made. I checked another mod and it was doing the same thing. Everything works in the front end and the first testimonial shows in the admin. The page just dies from there. Anything I push basically just refreshes the page with no change and no error messages. I am going to double check the DB now and see if there are any problems.
  4. hamuskinny

    Customer Testimonials v1.0

    Hello Everyone, A friend of mine installed v4 of this mod and has been having some issues. It worked fine until she made the first testimonial. Now the buttons on the testimonial manager do not work. Nothing happens when you click the buttons or flags. I went back and checked her installation and everything looks fine. I validated the html and it says there is an error in the action command. Any Ideas. Thanks Rob