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  1. Any screenshot or working demo url? ;)
  2. Now that you mention this... i tried to start customizing the "mobile templates" a bit... and with my iphone i notice that the stylesheet used is NOT the iphone one but the blackberry/pda one... In other words, with iphone i get 3 columns and i MUST put it horizontal way rather than vertical, plus graphics/code is followed for everything except iphone customizing... am i missing any detection part? has apple updated the useragent id?
  3. So, is this project dead already? No1 will share a working version of it?
  4. I managed to click on your link with Firefox on a Mac and i could see your store for a while. Then closed the browser window. Then clicked again, and your site is blank :? Now, mind sharing all the improvements you applied to 2.0c? ;)
  5. Instead of getting linked to mobile_xxxx.php i get to the PC links. So when i touch a category on my iphone, i'm taken to the pc version. If i search, i do get results in mobile form, but i'm taken to the product_info.php instead of mobile_product_info.php Why? Has Che Actually I have the same problems trying from a PC and accessing either our store or yours! i don't get it! I'm on a Mac using FireFox and an iPhone with OS2.2.1 and in both cases I get redirected many times to the pc versions of the files, not the mobile ones. Ideas? Thansk!