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  1. Can someone help me out with this template pls, its my first time using a template. I have it installed successfully but the header bit on the screen shot with the menu buttions, language images and curreny selector and cart etc aren't on, how do i install/make those bits show up? Im guessing i have to replace some header code or something? many thanks
  2. Yep i also need this, just found this;hl=royal+mail is that what you need?
  3. I have just installed the quantity mod that goes next to the add to cart so customers can choose more than 1 of a certain product, i did just as instructed to and have double checked, all is fine. The quantity works fine for most item however when i click a speacial item and change quantity to 2 then procedd to cart it comes up as 16 or 34 and other randon numbers that would obviously be a bit alarming to customers, i then have to delete the item from basket. Any ideas on how could fix this? many thanks